How To Choose The Best Twitter Tools

What Twitter tools are right for you?
Why do you use Twitter? Is it to promote your business? Do you tweet to stay connected with friends and family? Do you just keep up with the latest news or celebrity gossip?

No matter what your purpose is for tweeting, some Twitter tools will benefit you more than others. Here are some tips that can help you select the best applications for you.

1.Mobile or desktop? There are Twitter tools for use on your desktop, or from within a browser, and some tools specifically for use with mobile devices. Decide whether you will primarily use Twitter from your phone or your computer- or, if you use Twitter with both, you may decide to use some apps for your desktop and other apps for your mobile device. For example, you might want UberTwitter or Blackbird for your Blackberry phone and HootSuite or TweetDeck for use with your desktop.

2.Do you just use Twitter or do you want to be able to update all of your social networks in one place? FriendFeed lets you update Twitter, Facebook, and Google. Postling is a great app that lets you update a bunch of social networks at once.

3.Do you only tweet text or would you like to be able to share photos, videos, and music, too? Some people want to share all types of media with their followers. There are various Twitter tools that can help with this. TweetPhoto and TwitPic let you share photos on Twitter. lets you share videos. TwitLens allows you to share both photos and videos. and are great for sharing music. FileSocial and TwitDoc let you share many types of documents and files.

Many Twitter tools are free of charge and are extremely user friendly. Try several of them before you settle on one. You may benefit from using multiple applications, so experiment to find out what works best for you. Using Twitter tools makes the entire Twitter experience easier and more fun. SABUNG AYAM
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