How To Choose The Perfect One

This is it. Your long wait is finally here – at last, you are getting married! Most women would want to walk down the aisle and marry the man he loves. This is the most important day in your life. Nothing should go wrong, especially on how you look. Aside from the wedding dress and the wedding ring, the wedding jewelry is also essential to the wedding outfit of the bride. Choosing the right set of wedding jewelries can really make you and your dress perfect.

One may be stressed and confused of what is the perfect set of jewelry for them. Because of the wide selection of wedding jewelries available, choosing the right one may be tough. Fortunately, there are a lot of specialized wedding stores that may help you with these problem. Most of them offer bridal jewelry sets to lift you from the burden of ensuring that the wedding jewelry pieces compliment each other. You may also want to use family jewels for sentimental reasons. These include the family’s pearls, diamond earrings or charm bracelets which you can use instead of buying a new set. Always remember to always consider your dress and style that comes from it when choosing the right pieces of jewelries.

If you have a shapely collarbone and shoulders, wear strapless dresses. With these style of dress, choker necklace will go perfectly with it, as well as wearing a diamond necklace with a delicate pendant

If you are going to wear strapless dresses, wear something that will notice your collarbone and shoulders. You may want to wear chokers necklace or a diamond necklace with a delicate pendant. Modern dresses on the other hand, such as a halter-top or mermaid style dresses, wear chick jewelries to go with it. One great design and quite popular are the circle ones. You can choose other geometric shapes too. You can also wear plain metals which you could later on use again with your other dresses.

Classic dresses such as Victorian styled dress or medieval dresses are somewhat tricky. Do not couple it with modern chic jewelry in a medieval dress because obviously they do not match. You may want to wear something with chains of flowers into it or a jewelry set with semi-precious stones. Wear something that signifies a long past. In Victorian dresses, there are a lot of jewelry sets specially made for these kind of dresses. Most of them have colors in it so choose something that can bring out a nice contrast to your dress.

You have the most choices in simple dresses. With these kind of style, you really cannot go wrong – well, you may tend to go overboard which is a big no, no. One thing you should remember to simple dresses is you have to wear simple jewelries as well. If your dress does not have frills or ruffles, you may want to wear a simple necklace with a pendant or a necklace made with interlocking links. Another option would be wearing an opulent necklace. This will draw more attention than the dress. If you have a colored wedding dress, make sure to find a set of jewelries that matches the color of what you wear.

Just keep in mind, when choosing the right wedding jewelry for you, think about your dress, your style with it, your hair and your makeup. These elements must compliment each other. This is your day. You should be perfect.
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