How to choose the perfect party dress

When you’ve got a big night out or a special occasion coming up you’ll want to ensure you look your best. For most of you, this will mean finding a new outfit so you really feel like you have something to show off. The problem is, finding the perfect outfit can sometimes be tricky. You head to the shops and look through all the racks and rails only to find nothing that takes your fancy. Or, if you do find something, you get it home only to realise you don’t actually like it that much after all and will probably never wear it again.

However, there is one way to try and great around this problem and that is to ensure you always choose items that suit your body shape. Instead of always opting for the latest fashions, you need to pick things that really suit you and show off your best assets. This will make you feel more confident and you’ll feel great in your outfit.

So, how do you know which pieces will suit you best? Look in the mirror and work out which kind of body shape you are – hourglass, boyish or apple. Of course, not everyone fits exactly into these categories, but you should find something in one of these that applies to your body shape.

If you have a boyish figure you need to try and create curves when you’re finding a dress. Obviously you could easily get away with wearing bodycon, but really you want to try and create a bit of shape. Go for something fitted on top that flares out at the waist to give the illusion of bigger hips. This will show off your tiny waist but also create some curves.

Those of you who have an hourglass figure should invest in bodycon pieces, as these dresses were made for you. They help to nip in your waist, but show off your chest and hips, creating the perfect hourglass figure. If you’re not confident having your arms on show, go for a design with long sleeves and wear with ankle boots for a sexy rock chick look.

If you have an apple body shape, you need something that is going to give your waist a bit of definition. A wrap around dress is the perfect way to do this, as the V-neck shape will also show off your chest. If you’ve got great legs, go for something short and don’t be afraid to dress it up with jewellery.
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