How to choose your new fishing rod

Whether you’re new to fishing or a little more experienced, you may still be finding it difficult to buy your new (or your first) rod. There are many factors to consider, even for the seasoned-pro. This is a guide to some of the questions you should ask yourself before making the purchase.

1. What type of fishing are you going to be doing? This will help narrow your search. Is it for pike? Trout? Sea-fishing? More than one kind? Consider what you are going to need it for before a rod that fits the purpose.

2. How often are you likely to be fishing? You may only go fishing once or twice a year, alternatively, it could be once or twice a week. This should have a bearing on your decision.

3. What sized rod do you require? Depending on where you are likely to be fishing, such as on the river bank, by the side of a lake or actually in the river, you will have a different requirement from the size of your rod.

4. Are the rods you are considering comfortable? You are likely to be holding your rod for quite a while, so it is important that it is comfortable to hold. Some anglers prefer a heavier rod, while others prefer to go lighter. Do your homework before to buy.

5. What brands do you want? It is a good idea to ask fellow fishermen about what they recommend, as different brands have different strengths… and costs. Have a look at what is available and what you can afford, but don’t go cheap. The better brands will have rods that will last, which means you are less likely to have to shell out again further down the line.

Once you’ve answered these questions, you should have a better idea of the type of rod you need and the sort of brands that might be suitable. Whether you’re looking for a fly fishing rod, spinning rod or something different, find a reputable supplier to help you.