How To Construct A Chicken House In The Garden

How to build a chicken coop for different types of chicken will depend on different purposes that may be in mind. This article will describe a pen suitable for keeping about ten laying hens that will supply one household with a plentiful supply of fresh eggs.

Factory farmers are quite likely to squash two laying hens into a wire basket, so that the birds can hardly turn around. This is not only cruel, but also an unhealthy way of producing food. Hens like a little space where they can spread their wings and scratch in the sand. For about ten hens, a pen of twenty square meters would be most acceptable.

The pen could be designed to move from one patch of grass to another, or be fixed in one place. Feed and water facilities may be left on the ground. A feature that would make any hen happy is a patch of loose clean sand. This will allow her to scratch and fluff the sand through her feathers.

An upmarket hen house can be built of wire and wood. A wire mesh of about six centimeters will be required, and poles and sheeting of some sort, either iron or plastic. If possible the end of the hen house may have a thatched roof, which will make it aesthetically a feature of the garden.

The shape of the coop will be outlined by poles set about eighty centimeters into the ground. They should stand high enough above the ground to allow a person to walk around among the hens easily, without stooping. One firm pole should be designed to hold a hen proof gate that will be closed when it slams against another pole.

For layers it is important to have a covered space at one end of the run, preferably with a pitched roof. This will be dry and cool, or warm as the case may be. Inside there should be a ledge holding boxes partially filled with sweet smelling hay. Hens will hop up to the ledge before stepping into the laying box to produce an egg every morning.

Many hungry eyes fix on chickens with a meal in mind. Aside from human beings, chickens number foxes and hawks among their very many predators, perhaps explaining why they take fright so easily. It is advisable to dig a trench about seventy centimeters deep around the entire coop. The perimeter wire should be stretched to the bottom of this trench and fixed there by rocks or concrete. Wire mesh stretched across the top of the run will deter overhead predators, and the concrete trench will fox the fox. That is how to build a chicken coop.
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