How To Create Solo Ads That Pull

Newsletter advertising can be an inexpensive and effective marketing tool provided you follow some very basic rules to get the most for your money. There are four basic considerations you must have prepared in advance.

Choosing The Newsletter, Publication, or E-zine For Your Advertisement.

You want what is called a target audience. In other words, start by describing the kind of people who would be most interested in your ad. Ask yourself as many questions as you feel are necessary to help you get a feel for who your customers are which will help you in discovering where to find them.

Additionally, you want a healthy sized responsive list. Basically what that means is you want more than 5,000 subscribers who have a history of buying similar products or services as yours. You can ask the owner of the publication how responsive his list is and be sure to get testimonials from others who have advertised otherwise it may not be worth your time.

You can find newsletters, publications, or e-zines by visiting high ranking sites on the search engines for your target audience and inquire about solo advertising to their subscribers. Additionally, you can search for a directory of ezine publications for potential prospects. This information is available for free.

Writing The Solo Ad.

You want your solo ad to convey your message in the number of words allowed by the publisher. Try to skip the hype. People will respond if they can identify with what you are promoting. Start with a story that presents a problem that you had that they can identify with then follow through with how you successfully solved that problem with your product or service. Talk about how you felt about this problem and then talk about how you feel with the solution. Start to teach them about your product or service arousing their curiosity leading them to click on your ad to find out more. A good ad pre-sells or pre-qualifies a customer. Let your main page do the selling.

Write An Attention Getting Headline.

Your first sentence is the split second determining factor whether your ad gets read or not. People are skeptical when reading ads. Be mindful of how your ad is presented. Here are some good headline tips.

A) Use Numbers – Get 1000+ discount coupons instead of Get Discount Coupons.
B) Be Specific – Your title should reveal exactly what you are writing about.
C) Keep It Short – The shorter the title, the more it will be read.
D) Avoid SPAMMY words like FREE MONEY
E) “How To” headlines work. For example, How To Win Friends And Influence People

Design A Landing Page For Your Visitors To Click Thru To.

Do not send the traffic coming from a publication’s solo ad to your main site instead make a separate landing page for them to see. Make your visitor feel that they are special to you by coming from that newsletter, publication or e-zine ad.

For Example, you may want to head your landing page with a greeting like, Welcome Subscribers of Railways Newsletter.

This makes your site more personal and the visitor feels more comfortable reading your message. It is like welcoming someone by name and validating that you are expecting their arrival.

Remember to always talk about the success you had with the program, product or service that you are selling. Use this time honored formula of telling a quick story of the problem you had, how you felt about it until you discovered the product, program or service. Then tell them how it made a difference in your life and how you feel about that problem now. Be sure to reveal how well you did with it. Remember to expect your reader to consider what is in it for them.

If you apply these simple techniques to your solo ad, you are sure to be a success. Take care to shop around and get the right publication solo ad at a good price. Fortunes have been made delivering the right message to the right people. Good Luck.
Sabung Ayam
박재범 Jay Park – Solo (Feat. Hoody) 안무영상 Choreography ver.

박재범 Jay Park Single
[ Solo (Feat. Hoody) ]
Prod. by Cha Cha Malone

* Choreographed by Jay Park, daniel jerome, Haw, prepixjoony, prepixwassup, rhythmgate_beatriderx, waackxx_xy

Daniel Jerome
rea sim from onelovestudio
WaSsup Joony Soo
Waackxxy Rhythmgate

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