How to Date a Woman – Make Your 1st Date Truly Worth To Remember

Despite of the emergence of some high-tech communication these days, you will be surprised to know that there are still a lot of men who are asking the question of how to date a girl. It is surprising to know that there are several men who are still finding it hard to end up successful when asking a girl out. Here are a few tips to keep in mind before putting yourself out in that jungle called dating.

Pick the Right Girl

First and foremost, make sure that you choose and pick the right girl. Determine what your reasons are in dating a girl, and look for the right girl who could fill in those reasons. We cannot deny the fact that each person has different reasons for dating someone, so it is best that you determine what these reasons are to be fair with the person you are dating with.

Be prepared always.

Second, be a boy scout and be prepared–for anything and everything. No matter how much we pray for a perfect date, we cannot avoid things to get screwed up, and so it is better to be ready than be sorry. Otherwise, be prepared to be thrashed when that chick gets home to her friends all stressed and ready to rant at a drop of a hat.

Determine where you stand

Be open to other people’s opinion by asking your friends some tips on how to date a girl, which they would likely answer by telling you to keep things easy and know where you stand. So you guys have exchanged comments over at Facebook and in another time and age you’d be slapped with a restraining order for stalking every one of her photos, links and video posts. Still, that does not make the two of you real life bff’s so go easy on the trimmings and save it for when you’ve hiked the comfort level up a couple of notches.

Avoid Mystery and Be Real

Try not to appear mysterious, by acting real when in front of your date. Although some girls would love the thrill of dating a mysterious man, majority of them would actually go for someone who knows how to open-up a good conversation. Do not just be contented by talking about the latest music hits, like Bruno Mars’ latest album, instead, try to think quickly of interesting topics so to avoid any dead air in between your conversation.

Don’t be in a rush

So you are really so smitten over her pretty face that you are dying to give her a kiss, and to let the whole world know that she’s yours. Cool it, dude, and keep your hands to yourself unless she says so otherwise. Do not ever do this especially on your first date, because this will just make her to despise you.

Pay-up and be a man

Pay up and man up. Yeah, yeah, women are strong, they are independent and are far from the helpless things they look to be but hey, you did the asking and you made her dress up and look real nice and pretty for you. The least you could do is make sure she does on your tab, all the way.

Aside from applying these helpful advices, do not hesitate to solicit advice from your friends or elders in order for you to know more about how to date a girl. And remember that girls love to share each other’s secrets and experiences so your dating experience with her could spread like fire. Therefore, treat her nicely and in the right way, because if you won’t, then you might as well not ask her for a date.
Sabung Ayam
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