How to do Solo Ads the Right Way!

Marketing for your online business is pretty difficult to figure out how to do in the beginning. There are so many methods to pursue when choosing the right path and about 1 billion ways to lose your money through bad investments if you don’t know what you’re doing. A solo ad is when you pay someone else to email their list your offer. If you are looking for fast results and have some money set aside for marketing solo ads may be the way for you to go. Instead of waiting months to see a result from free marketing, I’ll show you how to do solo ads the right way.

Most people who discover the joy of solo ads will first go straight to Google and type in solo ads. Go there and try that right now. What pops up is a lot of garbage websites where you can purchase solo ads for like 10 dollars. Quick tip: If you choose to market the exact same way that everyone else is, you won’t get the best results because the market is saturated. Everyone is looking for solo ads on that first page of Google so try another route.

The new route for solo ad dollars

Make sure that the solo ad purchased will email to people who are interested in your niche. For instance if you are doing a solo ad for people who are receiving a newsletter on the latest star wars gear, they may not be the best audience for your online opportunity. Google key word tool is a great place to get started when looking where to place solo ads. It shows how many searches people put in for certain words or phrases. Type in a phrase related to your niche and see what pops up for the most searches. Then go to Google and type that in a see what authority sites pop up. Most of these sites will let you advertise.

The art of a smooth negotiation for solo ads

Now this is where your negotiation skills come in. Remember Samuel L. Jackson in The Negotiator? This is you right now. Well what you want to do is make sure that before you purchase a solo ad from anyone that you speak with them directly. The best bet is over the phone and I would highly recommend this. If you can’t contact them by phone, send an email before you purchase. Most serious solo ad providers will actually require that you send them a message beforehand. On the website look for the contact numbers on there. Most sites will have an advertise link, but you want to contact them directly. So once you get them on the phone just ask if they do solo ads and discuss with them your offer. Some may shut you down but that’s just the nature of the beast. Keep on talking to new people until you find someone who is willing to work with you. You always want to ask for a discount. Believe me this works. I asked for a discount on my last solo ad which was priced out at $ 1250.00 initially for 100,000 leads and I got a 250 dollar discount. That’s a 20 percent discount and I didn’t even have to say please. Just ask! Another thing you want to ask is for a long term plan. Some solo ad providers may offer a discount if you set up a long term plan with them.

The right mentality towards marketing

It’s best not to get emotionally attached to your marketing campaigns no matter what it is that you are doing. View everything that you do as a test. You are testing different ways to market and if you find a method that is producing results then scale up. If you find out some ways that don’t work then now you know and will not lose money doing that again in the future. It’s a constant learning process and having the right mentality is absolutely necessary for online success. If you are looking for new methods to market besides solo ads, then you should watch this video to get more information on how to market. Many people start with free advertising and then work there way up to paid advertising. Whatever your method may be, stick with it because this is a marathon and not a sprint. Best of luck to you with your solo ads!
Sabung Ayam
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