How to download on the web Facebook video to MP4, WMV, AVI for offline viewing

Quite a few exciting and wonderful videos, images are shared on Facebook. If you come across a funny video or a rare video on the facebook website and are eager to download it, sadly, Facebook does not have a download button for your friends’ videos or even videos on Facebook that you upload. You should be now busy in looking on the World wide web to uncover a good remedy to Facebook someplace. However, is watching video on the web the only direct for all customers? Certainly it does imply we have no technique to rip or download video from Facebook totally free? Definitely not.
uDownloader is a smart free plan on Windows which allows users to conveniently complete Facebook video downloading. By utilizing it, you can get your favorite Facebook video and watch it without World wide web connection or for other individual use. uDownloader supplies a wonderful several output video formats, such as MP4, WMV, AVI, PSP and other HD video formats.
Under, a way is displayed clearly in tackling down dilemma on how to download Facebook.
1. Download and set up uDownloader
2. Click “Option” on bottom of uDownloader interface. And choose “Convert” tab, verify “Automatically download” and pick a video format you want to get.
Or, omit this step. Consequently, you will get the Facebook video in original uploaded format.
three. Go to facebook wall exactly where the video you want to download is situated. Location the cursor on video, and correct-click the video, select “copy link address” to copy video’s URL.
4. Copy this URL. Paste the URL into uDownloader constructed-in browser
five. Play the video in constructed-in browser. And uDownloader will quickly capture video downloadable link, rip off and download video from to the format you favor.
six. Click “Open Folder” you will discover the downloaded facebook video file. Play it with a Video Player on Computer.
To know a lot more info, please visit uDownload residence web page.