How to dress a woman with a small increase

Many of the miniature ladies, probably more than once sighed enviously looking at the long-legged girls, and wondered how to dress women with small stature. In fact, a miniature appearance gives additional benefits like a growing boy and little man, you only need to beat the benefits of natural dignity of the figure.

So, how to dress a woman with a small increase? First of all, you need to distinguish mistakes to be avoided by choosing clothes. A woman with a small increase is recommended to give up the horizontal lines and stripes, colorful flashy elements, saccular volume, large printed ornaments, all manifestations of the checkered pattern. All this only aggravates the shape and makes it more down to earth.
It is undesirable to get involved in jerseys, thick fabrics and free cover. In this case, they do not exactly add harmony, and the silhouette becomes more amorphous.

Not worth doing updo with nap, wear a big hat with a drooping fields. The growth of these tricks will not increase, and the harmony of the proportions of several break. Will not fit the long stretched out sweaters, double-breasted jackets and skirts to the ground. Short pants, capri pants and breeches, too, it is better not to use in your wardrobe. Contraindicated to draw attention to the open abdomen truncated tops.

A woman with a small increase is necessary to pay attention to the selection of accessories. Often it is the seemingly insignificant details can quietly damage or vice versa to improve the overall impression. Avoid an abundance of decorations, wide belts, big bags, and heavy earrings. Be attentive to detail. Better to abandon the big collars and clothes elements facing downwards.
Remember that light colors and shiny fabrics thanks to the play of light more complete, and hence visually make the figure is wider and shorter. It is important not to overdo it with the size of the heel. Too high heels or thick platform will add more disproportionate than the elongated shape.

Dressed woman with a small increase is best guided by the plain dark-colored, form-fitting silhouettes, vertical lines. In the locker room is better to keep stressing the line shape dress case, form-fitting dress with high-waisted skirts with a slit on the back or sides, form-fitting long coat just below the hips. You can wear tight-fitting women’s pants  or jeans that are perfectly combined with high heeled shoes and jacket.

In order to properly dress need to learn how to manipulate the small details. Not necessarily always go to things in a vertical strip, sometimes enough to hint at two or three strips of clothing, a couple of decorative vertical seams. In this unforgivable mistake would be to use simultaneously two or more striped clothes.

Friends of women with small stature – delicate chains and long beads, which unobtrusively elongated shape. Feel free to wear a blouse with a v-neck and sleeves cut three-quarter, slotted pockets, thin belts and small purses, small oblong pendants, for example, in the form of droplets.
Most importantly, remember that almost every woman with a little help increase the effect of long pants, cover up high heels, and the variety of options-cut dress allows any girl to pick up the perfect image. Learn how to properly dress is not difficult, important to follow simple guidelines and not be afraid to experiment with style, colors and style of clothing.