How to Earn a Living on eBay – Top 3 Tips

Want to earn a living on eBay? Maybe eventually quit your day job!  Hey… It’s a dream, hold onto it and it can become a reality.  There are tons of people doing it already!  Are they cut from a different cloth than you? I don’t think so!

Let’s go over a few of the top tips on how to earn a living on eBay.  Let’s start simple!

Tip #1) The theory behind making money on eBay.

More than 90% of the people that buy something on eBay knew that they wanted to buy it before hand.  This means that only 10% of the people on eBay buy something that they didn’t plan to by “stumbling” onto it.  This tell us a lot.

What does it tell us?

It means that you need to position yourself in a way that you reach out to those people who are already searching for things to buy on eBay.  This means that you need to put yourself right in front of them.  You need to find out what they are looking for and give it to them!

Tip #2) Sell things that people are looking for

Just like I was saying before.  The people that are looking for things have a high chance of buying them.  If somebody is looking for a BLACK GUCCI PURSE, then they probably would BUY ONE if they found one that was in their price range. Make sense?  So we have to find out what people are looking for…

Tip #3) What people are looking for on eBay

People look for all kinds of things on eBay.  For this step, imagine what YOU would buy yourself on eBay.  There are tons of people JUST LIKE YOU and you can use that as your ammunition to find out what to sell.

With these 3 tips you can literally start generating an income with eBay.  Find what people are looking for by deciding what YOU YOURSELF would search for on eBay.  Then put it in front of them!  Since 90% of the people already know what they’re searching for, you stand a good chance at making some sales!