How to Establish and Nurture a Highly Profitable and Symbiotic Relationship With Media Personnel

So what exactly is ‘PR’ and how will it benefit you?

DEFINITION: The term ‘PR’ is usually described as “Public Relations” which although correct is a very broad and ambitious one for such a powerful marketing tool. For our purposes here I prefer to describe it as “Press Relations” which is EXACTLY what 90% of gaining FREE press and media coverage is all about!
“Developing good relationships with media personnel”!
Developing and nurturing a professional and friendly relationship with editors and journalists in all forms of media will be one of the SMARTEST decisions you can take which will result in you generating thousands of pounds worth of FREE and ongoing publicity, which can be repeated at will.

…and it is really QUITE simple if you follow the process
However, for those who do not follow the basic formula I am about to outline in this eCourse, success may not be so easy. Let me tell you right up front that 95% of all news releases that are submitted to journalists, editors and newsrooms are destroyed within seconds of arriving.

So why is that?

There are many reasons, here are just a few:

Their news release or article was submitted in the wrong format
It had totally the wrong focus
It was sent to the wrong person
It was far too commercial
Irrelevant to the publication to which it was sent
The list goes on…

However, you are now about to learn how to avoid this happening to you

Journalists are INFORMATION hungry sharks!
When you use the right bait you will create a journalistic ‘feeding frenzy’. By using the same simple information I am going to share with you in this eCourse, one of my students had his phone ringing off the hook for many days, and this started within just THREE MINUTES of him submitting his release.

Within a week he had created in excess of £50,000 worth of free publicity and generated additional profits EQUAL to that of his previous 5 months in business. 

Not beginners luck!
This was his first time using the ‘Become the News’ tried and tested PR process at

He then ran another campaign a few weeks later which returned very similar results. Since then he has repeated and refined his technique and gets consistently good responses …and now you can now do exactly the same.

That’s why with the information you are about to discover, you will gain an amazing advantage over your competitors.

The media are ALWAYS in need of information
All types of media are CONSTANTLY in need of public interest stories and interesting news items for their readers, listeners and viewers.

Every day they have lots of space or time to fill in their publications and programming, so the pressure is on 24/7/365. Please remember, if the quality of their information or news drops, then so does their all important readership, listening and viewing figures and eventually their PROFITS!

So over the next 6 days I will tell you most of ‘WHAT’ you will need to do to get their attention, gain coverage and fully capitalize on gaining exposure of your business product or service. 

I didn’t know that!
Many people are surprised when they discover that much of what they read in the papers, hear or see on radio or TV is ENGINEERED news which companies have paid a small fortune to PR agencies to put together for them. To put it another way it is very often – ‘CREATED NEWS!

The PR marketing advantage…
It works like this. When you see advertisements you know they have been written and designed by the company’s sales and marketing department or advertising agency! So they are biased by their very nature.

However, when you see a media story or news article about a specific company product or service that ‘ABC’ company is offering, the perception changes dramatically. 

Most people would now believe that this article had been written by an unbiased, independent journalist. For that reason the story or article tends to be believed far more and consequently will attract a MUCH higher response than any paid-foradvertisement for the same product or service!

This means you can generate some GREAT results which will produce highly effective coverage and publicity for just a few hours of your effort; the clippings from these can be used to promote your company for years to come.

Some company heads and entrepreneurs, who have the FULL potential and power of PR now use it as their sole meansof marketing their products and services. Best of all, this simple and effective method can EASILY be run by just one person in a few hours per week.
Are you starting to see the possibilities?

It’s a SYMBIOTIC Win – Win relationship
The media in general relies upon us the public to keep them supplied with quality stories and news articles …and you want quality media publicity and PR coverage to attract targeted prospects and new customers to your cause or business.

This unique situation can lead to a mutually beneficial and symbiotic relationship.

However, journalists in general are pretty smart cookies and DO NOT like being manipulated. For this reason most journalists are initially sceptical as the majority of the so called ‘press releases’ they receive are nothing more than blatant advertisements in thin disguise.

These never warrant a second thought; and neither does the organisation that sent them; Once a journalist’s time has been wasted, or his or her intelligence insulted, it’s extremely unlikely that anything else received from the same source will be looked at or receive any attention again.

So let’s just recap on those two giant and essential chunks of advice on gaining FREE press coverage:

ONE: We MUST first develop a good working relationship with our target journalists.
TWO: We MUST only ever send out high quality material that the public will find of interest and gain benefit from.
When we have mastered these two essential elements you are well on the way to achieving your objective.