How To Find Good Discount Sunglasses

You may have previously heard that it is a good idea to pick out discount sunglasses styles according to the shape of your face. For the most part, the little rule does work and in general, almost everyone can be successful finding a pair of shades for the sun that look fine without ever trying them on first. However, for shoppers who are out there spending a lot of money on a pair of designer eyewear, you probably do not want to settle for looking just fine. You are paying big bucks to look fabulous, arent you? Basically, if you have an oval face, you should not wear oval frames, if you have a square face avoid the square frames, and so on. Here is a rundown of the five basic face shapes and what styles of sunglasses are supposed to look best on each.

First of all, if you have a heart shaped or triangular shaped face, in order to minimize a wide forehead and smaller chin, you will want to choose discount sunglasses with cats eye frames or eclipse edges. Those frames with a wide lower edge and no straight lines work really well. If you have an oblong face, you are not going to want to wear oblong frames. Round or even rectangular frames almost always look great, especially if they are oversized frames. These types work with vintage frames, decorative frames and other quirky styles of designer eyewear too.

If you have a broad face, you are going to need narrow frames with notable temples. Very colorful, thin frames work very well. It is important with the broad face that the sunglasses are not too small, or they will look less than stylish for sure. Tortoise shell styles are often best for adding definition. If you are a person who has an oval face, you will look best with discount sunglasses that features gently rounded curves, and those frames that cover from the eyebrows down to the cheekbones often will flatter your features best.

Finally we have the square face, epitomized by First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy in the 1960s. Oversized sunglasses first became super popular with her overly dark lenses and oversized, black frames. The square face looks best with designer eyewear in non square styles. The curvier the style is, the better they may look on you. Round shaped lenses and frames or even cats eye styles will soften the angular lines of your face. Men usually want a more strong jawed appearance than women do, so they usually do not opt automatically for the round lenses. If you are unable to try on the exact pairs of discount sunglasses that you are considering purchasing at a retail store before going online, you might want to shop with a seller that offers the ability for customers to virtually try discount sunglasses on via their website to help you choose. SABUNG AYAM