How to find the perfect soulmate for whom you find affinity

You could be a thousand miles away in a foreign land but when you encounter your soulmate for the first time you will feel like you are at home. Conversation flows with ease, your guard is dropped and there is no need for false display or pretence. You share ideas, goals and while you do so the hours pass, the seasons change and the years disappear into dust. You could have been sat on that weathered bench for eighty years, you would never notice as you only have eyes and ears for each other.

This is the romantic view of soulmates and what it means to share an affinity with a human being whether they are male or female, a friend or a lover. But is it realistic?

Can we really find a connection deep enough to see us through decades without barely a blip?
Of course there will be blips. This is inevitable, but sincere and lasting love is definitely possible. We meet people often for whom we share a degree of affinity but we do not always recognise it. Most people when looking for their perfect mate have a list. The list is more likely to have details relating to age, job, religion, physique than qualities that reflect what is inside a person. People for whom we share an affinity might be best found should we place interests at the top of the list.

Having a shared interest makes for easy conversation and so it is always a good place to start when looking for a soulmate. Once you have found others who share your dreams and desires, then you can whittle them down with the other list. The other list is a good fall back if you find the shared interest tactic isn’t enough of a lure and you do not feel any affinity for that person.

Meanwhile despite what has been said about sharing interests, sometimes opposites attract and very powerfully so too. You’ve seen those odd couples that get along so well? The Bearded Biker with the corporate office chick. These are two people who have put aside their differences, their predictable preferences and gone with their gut.

Who knows what common ground they share, a love of horses perhaps or fine art? You will be surprised to learn what binds seemingly opposite people together.
I am not suggesting that in order to find your soulmate you start looking for them in places you’d never ordinarily look but I am suggesting you may need to be a little more open minded and allow yourself to get to know people on the inside.
Sabung Ayam
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Sabung Ayam