How To gain Breast Size By Producing More Hormones

Having more of certain sort of hormones in your body will help to increase your breast size because these hormones play a big part in the size and shape of your bust. In fact there are 4 hormones that regulate breast size, but in this article we will concentrate on the one that many of us are already very mindful of, estrogen.

All natural estrogen levels in the body are a major component in producing new breast tissue, growth and keeping the volume and shape.

Our estrogen levels peak in our late twenties and from thereon, they slump. As time goes on, we produce less and less of it. Additionally, levels of estrogen will deviate from person to person. The great news is that we can all do a great deal to ‘force’ our bodies into producing more of it. As this is the safe way of increasing levels of estrogen, it’s far preferred to taking man-made hormones. In fact taking this hormone synthetically should only be done under medical supervision because there can be some undesirable and even dangerous side effects over time.

Man-made estrogen is not the same as breast supplements that contain herbs to aid our body create more of its own natural estrogen. On the main, these herbal products are safe to use, providing you read the guidelines. However, throughout pregnancy and particular other times, they may not be safe. For the most part though, they are one of the better ways to hike up your levels of estrogen.

Herbal remedies are one way, but you can do more to elevate your levels by eating certain foods that assist natural estrogen production. You will notice that some of these items are already in the ingredients lists of most natural breast supplements, but not all. List of some significant estrogen increasing foods.

Pips and seeds:

Flax, sesame, sunflower, grapefruit pips, pomegranate.


Whole oats, Wheat bran, barley, whole grain rice, whole brown pasta.

There are many vegetables, here are a select few of them:

Sweet potatoe, lima beans, mushrooms, peas, spinach, carrots.

There are as well many Fruits. Here are a few.

Tomatoes, apples, citrus fruits, kiwi fruit, plums.

Beans and peas:

Black beans, chick peas, red lentils, soy beans (all foodstuffs produced with soy are good).

Spices and Herbs:

Parsley, cloves, brewers yeast, alfalfa, aniseed, fenugreek, ginger

In fact there are many more, but the above gives you the main ones and all of these breast enhancing foods are readily available. Endeavor to consume three or more of these foods each day because this will do a great deal to assist your estrogen levels. There’s a good probability that you already consume several, if not most of these foods already. Try adding a select few more to your diet.

s exercise any good? This might sound strange, but over-exercising actually lowers your estrogen levels. All the same, normal exercise is fine and in fact as part of your regimen to get bigger breasts, you want to do some exercise. A couple of reasons for this. Primarily, taking regular exercise, for example yoga, can step-up the amounts of other important hormones. These other hormones likewise play a part in breast growth. Second, if you develop your chest muscles through particular exercises, this will make your bust appear larger and firmer as they will be pushed upwards and outward. So consequently don’t concern yourself over carrying on with your normal regular exercise routine. The only types of work out that may reduce your estrogen, is really strenuous exercise, such as long distance running, long distance swimming, doing a lot of free weight lifting etc. Yoga is one of the best exercises for this purpose. Endeavor to add yoga to your daytoday routine because it helps to elevate the levels of all the significant female hormones.

Drink peppermint tea. Two cups a day will give your estrogen an extra supercharge. The recommended amount is two cups every day, but you can consume more.

This should hopefully have given you some good ideas about how to increase breast size through stepping up the levels of your hormones, naturally.
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