How to Get a Girl’s Number – Make it Happen in a Matter of Minutes!

Being cool and smooth when it comes to approaching a girl and knowing how to get a girl’s number is a killer trait — every guy would kill to have that skill. But here’s the good news for you. This skill can be learned and as a starter, here are three easy steps on how to get a girl’s number — and absolutely make it happen in minutes!

Go ahead and approach her. Most guys suffer from approach anxiety and that majority of them ends up staying on their seats and will do absolutely nothing instead. Nothing can be totally lame than that. Come one — show a little bravery and confidence. You can never get a woman’s number if you will sulk in alone on your table and muse over about how unfair life is. That attitude will simply turn women off. So do something about it. Start by standing up and walking over to her — now!
Strike a conversation. Ask her opinion about something (make sure the topic is interesting as well.) There are also a lot of tips when it comes to how to start a conversation you can definitely get handy when the situation calls for it. Be genuinely fascinated with her opinion — make it appear you’re interested with her opinion, not to her. That would tickle her mind and definitely start to get intrigued by you.
Go have to get out. Now. After approaching a girl for the first time and conversing with her after that, don’t hang around too long — or you’ll get stuck feeling all too awkward and groping for more things to talk about. Instead, glance at your watch, tell her you have to be somewhere now and hated to leave her — and then go ahead and ask for her number. Hesitation will fade away because of your urgency and voila! Her number is right at your hands.