How To Get A Man Back After A Break Up

If your man has recently broken up with you, you’re probably desperately wondering if he’ll ever come back to you. “Is it really over for good,” you ask yourself? Is it even possible to get a man back after a break up?

Nearly every woman has dealt with some form of break up at some point in their lives. Generally speaking, most women will work towards moving on rather than figuring out how to get a man back after a break up. However, just because the “norm,” or expected behavior is to go on with your own life doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to give up all hope of ever reconciling with your ex.

Believe it or not, a large percentage of failed relationships can be saved if the right steps are taken at the first signs of trouble. More importantly, however, even after the break up has been “finalized,” all hope is not lost. That is what we are focusing on here; what to do after your man has made the break up official.

The first, critical step involves ceasing any needy behavior you may be exhibiting towards your former man. You’ll need to work carefully on how you present yourself towards him. That is, if you want to get your man back after a break up, you must come across as being happy and confident when and if you come into contact with him.

However, and this is highly important, you should also make every effort not to contact him first, either. If you’ve been calling constantly, apologizing repeatedly, etc. already, then stop all of this needy behavior immediately! Don’t even send a last message or make a last call to inform him that you are no longer going to contact him. In essence, you need to just disappear from his radar.

The next step in the process is to figure out, to recognize just what went wrong in the relationship. Did an argument cause the break up, for example? If so, what was the cause of the argument? What things might have been said by you (that may not have even been meant) that could have been the “last straw” that made your man decide to run for the hills?

It is important that you analyze what went wrong both right at the end of the relationship, as well as anything that may have been leading up to the climactic argument, etc. Regardless what you discover as the primary or even multiple problems, these areas must be addressed and resolved before you try to get a man back. Otherwise, your reunion will be doomed to a second failure. In other words, you may get lucky in saying and doing the right things to coax your man into giving you another chance, however, that second chance will be short-lived when the same issues arise in the relationship again. And, believe me, those problems will if they haven’t been properly acknowledged and resolved.

There are some other common mistakes that you should avoid as well, such as jealous behavior directed towards your former man. For example, if he’s already going out with new women, never make it obvious to him that it bothers you by acting in a jealous manner. Additionally, avoid purposely trying to make him jealous by falsifying new boyfriends of your own or other devious behaviors.

Making things up as a means to make your ex jealous or anything else of a dishonest nature will only work against your efforts at attracting him back (which is your goal), and such actions say a lot about your character. Think about it. You wouldn’t want to be with someone that is dishonest, would you? Dishonesty isn’t, after all, a very attractive trait to possess. To make matters worse, a fake or even real new man, even if only in an attempt to make your ex jealous, could signify to him that you have, in fact, already moved on to someone new. This, too, can ruin your chances at getting a man back.

The door needs to appear to be open for reconciliation. Or, a better way to say it would be that the door should be unlocked, but not be open completely anytime he wants to come in. What I mean here is that you want to appear to be available should he feel that he wants to give the relationship with you a second chance (door unlocked). At the same time, however, you do not want to mope around as though you are desperately holding on to your ex either (door completely open).

To get a man back after a break up, you need to be confident and attractive just as you were when he first set eyes on you. You can’t expect any lasting results in getting a man back either by “tricking” or begging him. Rekindle the attraction that he once had for you, coupled with having resolved any past issues that led to the break up, however, and you can be well on your way to being a happy couple once again.