How to Get Rid of Eczema on Your Face

Eczema is a horrible condition for anyone who suffers it, but it’s even more heartbreaking when it appears on your face since it is such a prominent place. So if you or someone that is close to you suffers from eczema on their face I’ll go over some of the ways that you can get rid of it.

Now I’m going to assume that you’ve already been to skin specialists and dermatologists for treatment options but they haven’t worked. And by the way if you haven’t seen a skin doctor yet, then I suggest that as a first step.

As you already know, eczema is a type of dermatitis. And since any dermatitis that affects the scalp and face is called seborrhea and looks like crusty blisters that can be weepy or dry we can deal with the condition much easier knowing what we are dealing with.

The first step is take a good vitamin supplement to nourish your skin from within. Most eczema sufferers are often deficient in Vitamin B so you should start there with a Vitamin B complex. This will aid in the healing of all cells and it has all the essential vitamins that you need for healthy skin.

However most Vitamin B supplements often don’t include enough of two particular B Vitamins that are needed for healthy skin and they are B6 and B12. Taking extra Vitamin B6 can really help clear up eczema and other skin conditions since since a deficiency in this vitamin has been linked to skin disorders and allergies. Vitamin B12 is also important as it aids in cell formation and regeneration which you want when you are dealing with rashes and other skin problems.

Another great supplement that helps with eczema on your face (or anywhere on the body really) is Biotin since there has been strong links with a deficiency in Biotin and dermatitis. Biotin is actually Vitamin B7 although it is very rarely called that.

In addition to healing your eczema from the inside, you can also make your own creams and lotions for the outside with natural products as well. If you want to make a good healing cream for your face then making a paste of honey, vitamin E oil and goldenseal root powder has been known to holistically clear up eczema and relieve any itching.

All of these supplements and ingredients can be found at your local grocery store or health food store and are natural and inexpensive. They can help get rid of eczema on your face.