How to Get Rid of Xbox 360 E74 Error – Red Light Problems

Xbox 360 is one of the video game consoles introduced by Microsoft Corporation. Xbox 360 came with special features where you can install any game to its hard disk and you can play by using the controllers. Hence these devices are particularly made for video games and they have very high graphical processing speed. Normally these consoles are of high speed than home personal computers.

Xbox 360

Xbox 360 consoles are recently facing a problem with the hardware failure. Users all around the world complaint about the hardware failure in the console, and found that it’s because of overheating of chips in the console. The console cannot resist the heat produced by the processors which is because of the poor ventilation. Due to overheating the processor cannot continue its work and stops the operation at the middle. Xbox 360 is designed with status indicators which are nothing but LED lights in the power ring and error messages. The four LEDs situated around the power ring indicate the status of the console. The green light indicates that the device is working perfectly. But the red light indicates that there is a problem. Overheating of console is indicated by Three Red Lights and other red light errors like single red light, two, and four red light errors are basic errors like insert disk, cable unplugged, etc..

The Three Red Light Error may also be indicated with the error message on the screen as E 74. This error is also known as Red Rings of Death or RRoD.

Best Solution

How to solve this problem? It’s simple. Just bring down the temperate of the console. How to do it? The best way is to remove the X clamps from the console which hold the heat sink around the processor. By removing the X clamps, we can place the heat sink in direct contact with the processor by which we can cool the console well.

You can repair your console on your own in just one hour using basic household tools like screwdrivers.