How to Grill Healthier on the BBQ and Reduce the Risk of Prostate Cancer

Let’s not go crazy with all the news about how everything leads to cancer these days? Men like myself like to cook on the grill, how can we not – we are outside with the fresh air. Sure, grilling can be hazardous for our health if misused, but like most everything, you can do something about it.

Tips number 1: use a low flame. 

Cooking at high temperatures can create harmful amines which burn the meat. This molecule is high risk for prostate cancer since it promotes the transformation of a healthy cell into a cancer cell.

Tip number 2: use lean meat.

Another risky molecule for prostate cancer is polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon. This molecule is formed by the burning fat dripping on hot coals or bricks and then travels in the smoke and accumulates in your meat.

Tip number 3: marinate your meats.

When ever you use beef, game, poultry, pork or fish, soak them in a mixture of olive oil, lemon juice and spices. You can even use red wine. A cancer research study showed a 95 % reduction of cancer promoting molecules with a 8 hours dip. You can even prepare it a few days before, just leave your marinated meat in the fridge till you used them.

Tip number 4:  Trim the fat and use a foil beneath to catch the dripping. You will cut on the extra smoke that way.

Tip number 5: Cut burned sections off.

It’s almost impossible not to blacken a part of your foods; it’s the beauty of the grill. Make sure the flames do not come in contact and damage should be small.

Tip number 6: Turn you food often.

According to a recent study, meat turned every minute produce fewer harmful agents than those turned every five minutes or so.

Tip number 7: Use vegetables as well. 

Your plate still needs to be half filled with vegetables and whole grain breads. You might even cook them on the side in a foil or on a stick. Be creative.

Do you need ideas?