How to hatch duck eggs without an incubator?

To be franks hatching eggs not using incubator is not preferred. There are many reasons for it. It is not only the temperature which is important in the entire procedure of hatching but also the control of incubation RH that is important. However, these days many people are checking out to experiment on some uncommon ways to lay the ducks eggs.
The most desired after procedures to incubate duck eggs without using incubator, is by placing the lamp below the lamp. However, you should double check that the egg is not placed directly under the lamp, moreover, you have to rotate the sides of the eggs every four-five hours to divert absorption of light on one side only. In addition to this, you have to ensure that you sprit the duck egg with water at least twice a day.
Then there is a method called natural incubation. In this, you can easily place the duck eggs under a broody duck. Muscovy ducks are expressed as the best egg setters and these have the facility of hatching 12-16 eggs. However, you have to make sure that nest box should be located in the dried-up and clean guard, bedded with advisable litter. There must be adequate amount of water and feed usable for the broody duck and false for the ducklings when they hatch.
At last, we have to understand the truth that there is a extreme difference between eggs hatched by incubator and eggs hatched by other means. Incubator does not supply only heat to the eggs, they are many other ways which can keep eggs at 80-90 degree Celsius, but it is also the damp weather which is adjusted in the incubator. If very damp weather is not there the chick may get trapped on the side of the egg and may in the end die before hatching. People do try unlike procedures for hatching, but only some of them attain good outcome. Incubator is risk free and is also not very excessive that it may burn a hole in you pocket. In this way, it is commendable to go for incubator.
Sabung Ayam
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