How to keep a chicken

Various breeds of chickens are better in different climates, so before buying your chickens, do some research on what types of chickens would strive as part of your location. I will go over a couple details to help keep in mind during the winter and summer time, so hopefully you won’t make errors that will lead to your chickens staying sick or dying.

All through wintertime or in cold local climate days, really don’t try heating your chickens just since you be concerned that they may possibly catch a cold or freeze. You could possibly come across your flock dead in the morning. Chickens can adapt to extreme cold conditions since their body can exchange the metabolism as the cold environment approaches. In case you reside in a place in which winters are much more prominent than summer season or is literary winter all the time, you may as well take certain routines for your chickens which will not put any of your chicken’s lives in danger.

Chickens are sensitive to the weather conditions just like people are, and even though chickens are a bit better suited to living outdoors, they nonetheless don’t like severe weather. An excessive amount of heat, too much cold or too much dampness can all have an effect on your chickens health, and on the class of eggs they generate. Building a coop will give your chickens shelter from the cold in the wintertime months, and shelter within the heat in the summertime months. It’s going to furthermore protect them from rain and snow.

You’ll find more than a handful of animals normally found in urban and suburban locations that will be more than content to snack on your chickens. Foxes, weasels, racoons, and also common k-9s, can all be a severe threat to your chickens. A dead or severely injured bird will not provide eggs, so it truly is in your best interest to keep your chickens safe and sound from these kinds of animals. A effectively designed coop will offer exactly that protection.

A coop will be the perfect choice to keep your chickens in order. Penning them in with simple chicken wire fences is not only ineffective, nevertheless it lacks the solutions to the weather conditions and predator challenges pointed out in the last 2 issues. A coop will keep your chickens safe and sound and comfortable, nonetheless it also keeps them from taking over your yard! No person wishes to give up their total yard to keep chickens, so a well positioned coop enables you to put together them without having to allow them possess the run of your lawn.
Sabung Ayam
Mina’s Liberian/Lebanese Pop-Up Dinner
Hey Guys!  Just want to thank everyone who came out to my last dinner. You Guys rock!  Hope everything was to your satisfaction. We have another dinner coming up on Sunday, April 30th. Hope to see you guys there again! Your Menu Will Include: Tabouli Salad: Finely Chopped Parsley, Scallions, Diced Tomatoes and Cucumber, Combined with Cracked Wheat, Lemon Juice, Salt, and spices.  Mini Meat Sambousek (Liberian street food): These pastries are filled with a mixture of onions and ground beef then fried till golden. A crunchy appetizer! (Vegetarian option available). Couscous With Lamb Stew: This classic couscous is loaded with slow-cooked lamb and poached vegetables, and spiced with generous amounts of 9 different spices. (Vegetarian option available). Mloukhieh (jute leaves): Liberian style mloukhieh, cooked with well seasoned chicken and red palm oil (made in liberia). Served with white jasmine rice. (see event photo above). Coffee Cake: family recipe, mouth watering coffee cake. Fruit Platter: An assortment of fruits, finely cut and platted. This is a ticketed event. purchase ticket to secure your seat. One admission ticket, is a complete dinner. Purchasing tickets ahead of time help us know how much food to make. For more information about our event, please visit our Facebook page "KITCHEN RAMARJ" and select event details. No walk-ins are allowed for this event, so please purchase ticket if you plan on coming. If you would rather purchase ticket at the event, email me and I could reserve a ticket for you if possible. We appreciate your interest in our event. Thank You. Available for catering!   See you there!   FAQs Where can I contact the organizer with any questions? Please feel free to ask any questions you may have.   [email protected]