How to Keep a Woman Happy in a Relationship

Here are some tips (for men, obviously!) on how to keep a woman happy?

1) Be yourself: I don’t mean ‘be a man, not a woman!’ This means that you don’t need to fake your self in order to catch a beautiful woman, with the mistaken notion that you need to put on a show. This very thought stems from inadequacy and makes you weak. A self- confident man is the most attractive thing for a woman. Otherwise how could your ugly looking neighbor or friend have such a pretty woman as his wife? .

2) Please her with small gestures: You can offer to get her car serviced or give her a bag of Jelly Bellies (her favorite flavors) from time to time. These little things rather than the grand shows add up to long relationships.

3) Don’t take her for granted: This is the other side of extending little gestures. Just because, she accepts your gestures, she should not be led to feel that you are considering her cheap, easily won over through a few small favors. Let her know that you value her. Make her feel that you view her accepting your gestures as acts of grace on her part.

4) Avoid looking at other women when you are with ‘her’. Not even casually! Your woman might think either that you are not loyal to her or that you are comparing her with the other. Women are looking for a lifelong relationship with a man and can’t stand the thought of her lover having flirting tendencies. So no ogling, when the ‘apple of your eye’ is right before you!

5) Make her laugh: A man with a sense of humor will be more attractive to a woman than one with a good build and charming looks. Have you not seen how men looking so languid and unattractive surrounded by beautiful women laughing and waiting for the man to make them laugh more? Moreover, a sound sense of humor is the best guarantee for a lasting relationship.

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