How to look after your hair in winter

In the summer, it often seems as though your hair just looks after itself. It dries really quickly, it seems soft and smooth and you can easily style it into long, tumbling beachy waves for any occasion to channel a cute, hippie chick look.

Just when you think you’ve finally cracked how to make your hair do exactly what you want it to, winter arrives and suddenly you’re struggling to tame it once again. So why is this? Well, unfortunately winter means the arrival of wind, rain and snow, all of which batters your hair and leaves it fighting for survival.

Every time you leave the house it’s constantly being battered by the wind, which is blowing it around and pulling at the ends. On top of that, the rain will soak your hair meaning it is go frizzy when it’s then drying when you reach your office or wherever your destination may be. Once you’ve battled the elements outside, your hair then has to cope with central heating systems and radiators turned up to the max.

All of this can play havoc with your locks, so here’s some advice on how to give it the treatment it deserves during the colder months.

For a start, you need to ensure you use a high quality deep conditioner. This is something you should do once a week anyway, but you can increase this during the winter to really leave your hair feeling glossy, soft and well-conditioned when it needs it the most.

If possible, try to avoid straightening your hair too much and, if you do, make sure you use heat protective spray. The last thing you need is even more heat on your hair at a time of year when it’s probably already dry and wispy.

However, although you should avoid styling your hair too much if possible, make sure you blow dry it (once again using a heat protective spray). If you leave your hair wet so that it can dry naturally not only will your head get very cold, but the ends can easily get tangled and knotted together, which will damage your hair.

As you can see, you need to give your hair an extra bit of love and attention during the winter months. This doesn’t take much extra effort, but it could make a big difference to the quality of your hair, even when the weather is grey and dreary.
Sabung Ayam
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