How To Make A Chicken Coop That Works And Won’t Cost The Earth

This information below is for anyone that wants to discover how to make a chicken coop in their back garden on a reasonable financial budget.

Take a look at these helpful recommendations on how you can make considerable savings on the cost of your project.

make use of used materials which will do the job. Many smaller sized coops are assembled from mesh wiring, pet houses and wood. If you do a little bit of digging around, you will find a lot of what you need by reclaiming used materials. Wood from old sheds, a dog house not being used anymore, old wire fences.

Ask folks you know if they are going to lend you the tools you want for your project. Straight forward chicken coop building only needs simple hand tools. Every chicken coop builder wants to have the basics like hammer, a saw and trusty nails. You probably already have all these situated somewhere in your home. If not, borrow from the people next door. However , since these are extremely useful tools, you may want to spend some money in purchasing them to be used in future projects.

So that is the saving money aspect considered, now we are going to go into guidelines for making your coop by following simple methods and systems.

Often good plans only require the employment of three types of materials. Projects with a controlled number of materials needed are typically cheaper to make and less complicated to build. Most commonly, a design plan requiring wood for framing, wire mesh for the main structure and tarp for covering is the most simple.

Construct a wire mesh coop anchored on the floor of your yard. If you live in an area where it does not rain each day, building a simple wire coop will be the most suitable option. Bending a wire mesh in the shape of an igloo, then anchor it down to the floor in your out of doors yard and then complete by covering over with tarp.

You can attach the wire meshed chicken coop with a dog house which has already been pre-built. If you want a larger construction that’s fancier, connect your wire mesh coop with a dog house to create a duplex coop for your flock of chickens. This can give you a two-purpose construction for both wet and dry weather and will also provide further protection to your chickens. All that’s required after this is to be certain your chickens have satisfactory ventilation and you have a great new home for them.
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