How To Make A Mini Book With A Wallet

Creating homemade mini books from wallets are fun and a good hobby. This can be also done as school projects. Kids will enjoy creating mini books like this. A wide variety of books can be made. You can make an ABC letter book or a book of animals using the wallet. If you plan to make one for your wife, then a book on love and romance can be created. Well, if it is for your colleague, then a book on funny office incidents or something of that sort can be created.

First of all select a suitable wallet for the mini book. A bi-fold or single fold wallet having very few or no pockets are the best. Clean the wallet properly using a damp cloth. Cut and remove one or two pockets, if the wallet has too many.

Next is the preparation of the mini book to fit inside the wallet. Measure the dimensions of the wallet. Reduce these dimensions by 1/2 or 1/4 inch and use the new dimension to cut the paper. Cut 20-30 pages so that it will form a mini book.

Now it is the time to prepare the contents. Collect information on various topics required to create the content. Write them down on the papers. You can use colorful illustrations to make the book attractive. If it is a book on animals, you can paste pictures of animals on the respective pages containing information about them

Once you finish making the content for the book, it is time to arrange it. Arrange all the pieces of paper in an orderly way so that when you look from the top it looks like a single unit. Punch holes along the side of the paper so that it can be stitched through these holes. The wallet is opened and the mini book is placed at the center of the wallet. Use the waxed thread to stitch the wallet and mini book together. Stitch along the holes punched on the paper.

Now the mini book wallet is almost ready. Only work left is to give it a finishing touch. It can be done using the acrylic paint. Paint the outside portion of the wallet beautifully. This brings a wonderful appearance to the wallet. Make sure you dry the wallet properly in the sun to get the paint dry.