How to Make an Accident Car Look New

You could meet with an unfortunate accident while driving your beautiful Jaguar or SAAB on the freeway. When you are more composed you’ll surely take a close look at your car. Some dents, scratches and breakages would be apparent. However, for the more serious damages and to get your vehicle back to its original condition you could entrust your car to auto body shops Plano


Auto body repair Plano is your best bet if you want your car’s complex defects to be checked out and repaired with a lifetime warranty. They have fully certified staffs that are professionals in auto body repairs and duly cleared for working on Honda and Volvo besides Lexus and Porsche. Your car could have serious problems as a result of the collision. These may not be apparent to you at first but could concern the car’s suspension system, its steering mechanism or the wheel mounting. Auto body shops Plano has state of the art repair equipment with the latest advances in auto painting and straightening of the chassis if required.

Auto body repair Plano has had 18 years of experience in the repair and recovery of the automobile after an accident. Their facilities include free pick up and delivery with a 24 hours towing capability. You’ll get a free estimate in the shortest possible time. Courtesy and rental cars are available. All body panels will fit perfectly and if you are worried about the exact shade of paint for your Mercedes then you can relax because auto body shops Plano can match the perfect shade as printed under your car’s bonnet and if required they have the capability to get the right tint as well. When you get your vehicle back from auto body repair Plano duly vacuumed and certified for quality just don’t wax or polish the car for 30 days! So, God forbid, if you ever meet with an accident while driving you know now that it’s not impossible to get your car back to its original looks and feel once again confident knowing that true professionals have been to work on your car.