How to Make Healthy & Delicious Steamed Chicken

When you visit majority of the restaurants in Singapore, you will find a wide variety of chicken delicacies in the menu. Be it a Spanish, Chinese, Indian, or Mexican restaurant, chicken dishes are the most commonly ordered delicacies in the country. If you are looking for the healthiest variety of chicken when you visit the best restaurants in Singapore, you should go for steamed chicken. This variant of chicken is considered healthy mainly because of the absence of oil. The chicken is steamed along with a variety of other ingredients and this provides a unique taste to the dish too.

It is very easy to prepare the steamed chicken delicacy. You can choose the ingredients according to your taste preferences. You can include pepper powder, ginger paste, garlic paste, salt, curds, and butter as ingredients to provide a rich flavor to the dish. You need to clean the chicken first and then make marks on the surface using a knife. Apply a small quantity of oil first and then mix the other ingredients well in a bowl. You can use 1 tsp oil to mix the contents well. Make it in the form of a paste and immerse the chicken well in it. Now, you should get it steamed in medium flame. You will have to do this for more than 30 minutes to make sure that all the sides are equally cooked. Before taking it out of the flame, you should verify that the dish is properly cooked. The pleasant aroma is one indicator that will help you to identify if the dish is ready to be served.

The steamed chicken delicacy served at the best bars in Singapore is usually a spicy version. A small amount of chili powder, coriander powder, black pepper powder, and salt is mixed in olive oil and applied over the chicken before getting it steamed at majority of the bars in the country. The addition of these spices makes the dish one of the best to order along with your favorite drinks. There are also few restaurants in the country where you can choose the spices according to your preferences while placing the order and the busboy will carry out the instructions. You will be able to enjoy a wide variety of steamed chicken dishes during your trip to Singapore because of the umpteen options available.

If you want to order an extremely healthy and scrumptious dish for supper in Singapore, steamed chicken along with lotus rice would be an excellent combination to try out at one of the authentic Chinese restaurants. The subtle flavors from the Chinese platter and the strong flavors served at the Mexican restaurants are both equally good when you order it with steamed chicken. It is also a great side dish that can be ordered along with the Spanish Paella. You will also enjoy a combination of steamed chicken and Singapore’s very own chicken rice at the restaurants serving the local cuisine. The taste of this dish is quite different when compared to the fried or roasted variants. The steamed chicken delicacy is a dish that should not be missed out when you visit a country with plenty of amazing food options.
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