How to Make Money on eBay in 3 Simple Steps

3 Secrets to making money on eBay

How to make money on eBay? A question I am always asked. As an eBay consultant it’s my job to make businesses and individuals successful on eBay. I always tell people the easiest way to make money on eBay is to copy those that have been there seen it and done it before you. Don’t try to create a new way to make money. Reinventing the wheel is a waste of time.

Just find someone who is already making money on eBay (a powerseller for instance) and copy them or sell something similar. So how do we do this? Well that’s secret number 1 of making money on eBay. Do your homework, write down a list of your hobbies and then head on over to eBay and find the category on eBay that products within your niche are listed in.

Once you’ve found the related category then search for a powerseller. Go through there shop and completed listings and write down everything that sells well.

Secret number 2 is check out eBay pulse within your category again. Find the keywords people within your niche use to look for products on eBay.

And finally secret number 3 thoroughly research completed listings. Completed listings is one of those places you should be checking out regularly.

Find products that sell repeatedly, over and over again. Do these 3 things and your on your way to making money on eBay. All you have to do now is sell one of two things to this niche market. Physical products or information products. We will cover that in subsequent articles.

So to summerise, How to make money on eBay:

No1 find a powerseller in each of the niches you have an interest in. someone who is getting lots of positive feedback and sales daily.

No2 use eBay pulse to find the keywords people within your niche use to find products they want to buy.

No3 research completed listings thoroughly to find out what’s selling and for how much. Any item you come across that sells regularly is something you want to be selling yourself.