How to Make Rissole in Three Parts to Make it Easier For You

Rissole is an Indonesian roll snack with chicken ragout, one of the favourite by many people.

This is certainly one of the most delicious of Indonesian appetizers. This is also very suitable snack for a crowd such as a kids birthday party or if your friends and family coming by.

You can make this snack in a great amount a few weeks before the party and put them in the freezer. And when the party begin, what you have to do is, take them out of your freezer and make them warm in your oven. Nice and easy, isn’t it?

It’s not difficult to make, but you will need a lot of time. It needs so much preparation to make it. So it’s maybe easier for you to make them in three parts, so you don’t have to hurry if you have a little time. Take your time; make them a week before or a month before the party. Anything can, as long as you put them in the freezer.

The first part: make the filling of the rissoles. When you’re done, put them in the freezer, make sure that the freezer container is absolutely close tight to prevent the other fragrance soak in your rissoles filling.

The second part, you can do it one week later maybe, or another time, take the rissole filling out of the freezer and let it defrosting. Make the sheets and fill them with the filling. When you’re done, rub the snacks with the beaten eggs and roll them in bread crumbs.

You have two options here, you can bake them right away or you put them unbaked in the freezer, use plastic zipper freezer bag.

The third part, bake them in the hot oil. It can take so much time to bake all of the rissoles, so I make this part as a third part. It can take half of the day or maybe more to bake all of them if you make it in a lot of amount, like 200 pieces. When you’re done and the snacks are completely cold, put them in a plastic zipper freezer bag and put them again in the freezer.

The last thing what you have to do is take them out the day before the party and make them warm in the oven a few hours before the party begin, and when the guest are coming, the rissoles are completely warm and ready to serve.