How to Make the Most of Your Crochet Pattern E-books

You can save a lot of money when you buy your crochet patterns as e-books instead of the paper versions. It is very convenient and they are a lot easier to store too!

I like to download crochet pattern e-books and keep them in their own folder on my computer. When you have a special folder you know exactly where to find the patterns, no hunting through a lot of folders searching for them.

When I am ready to start another crochet project it is easy to open the folder and find something I want to make. It is quick and easy to scroll through the patterns until I find an item I want to crochet.

It makes sense to print out only the section of the book with the one pattern that you want to use. You can use the print menu to just print out the page numbers you want. However I like to print one page at a time. I take up the page I want and select the current view option in the print menu; this will just print the page that is displayed on the screen. If there is more than one page in the pattern scroll onto the next page and do this again, until you have printed out the whole pattern.

Printing the pattern out in black and white (using a laser printer is probably the cheapest way) is all you need to do. You do not need it in full colour.

One of the main benefits is that you can write on the printed out pattern, marking off the parts as you crochet them. You would not want to write on a pattern that was your only copy. But in this case you can always print out another copy if needed.

You can fold up your printed out pattern to take with you too. Normally you would try to keep a bought pattern in excellent condition for next time. However, in this case, you are probably going to throw away your printed out copy once you have finished the project. You will always have a good copy on your computer that you can print out for the next time you want to make the item.

What about a special folder or ring binder?

If you want to keep a paper copy of a pattern that you have crocheted then you may want to print out a fresh copy and keep it in a special Patterns ring binder. This can be really helpful if there are alterations to the original pattern.

Perhaps you added a couple of rows to make it a better size. You can make a note of this on the Folder Copy to remind yourself when you make the item again.


I find this particularly good for recipes too. If I make up a recipe that I enjoy I will keep a copy in a recipe folder as I know it is a good one. Any alterations I make to the recipe I write on my folder copy so that the next time I make up the recipe it will be perfect.

Ideal for Crochet

Crochet requires very little equipment so it is ideal for taking with you when you are travelling or going to an appointment where you may have to wait for some time.

It is handy to be able to just print out your pattern and take it (with your yarn and crochet hook) with you. You do not need to worry about damaging the pattern, you can always print off another copy if it is gets torn or coffee spilt on it!

Crochet pattern e-books are convenient and economical.

Warning – Remember to check the Crochet Terms

The crochet terms are different between the US and the UK. Always be sure to check where the e-book is from so that you know what stitches the crochet pattern really means.

The crochet stitches are the same but the names used for them are different. For example the UK treble stitch is the same as the US double crochet stitch. So be sure to double check which terms the pattern is using.