How To Make Women Interested In You

The title of this article is perhaps the most common thought in all full blooded single straight men. The good news is that it is not at all difficult to make women interested in you if you know how to. Attracting women is not the challenging part because there are methods that you can apply. Here are some ways you can attract women and get girls interested in you.

Firstly, you should know that when you make the attraction something that girls want, you will be successful. So the simple logic is to make yourself wanted and therefore it makes sense that you project right style and image about youself to make sure that women are interested in.

You can start with your fashion sense. Dress differently from most other men so that you stand out from the crowd for women to take notice of you. Your dress sense doesn’t have to be outrageous. Simply dressing nicely with good fashion sense and being clean cut will do the trick most of the time. If need be, put on some accessories like a wrist band or a nice cap will add an extra flavor and which can also be your own personal signature. In other words, you want women to take notice of you.

This may surprise some of you, but women kind of like guys who are a little flirty and naughty. I am not saying that you should talk dirty. Talking dirty is a turn off unless you already have very intimate relationship with the girls.

When you develop a flirty personality, you are actually sending signals to women that you are fun and exciting to be with. When you flirt, you are also telling the girl that you are interested in her subtlety without expressing so directly which may scare the girl away. This will attract the girl as long as you don’t overdo it. To get a girl interested in you, you need to be secretive with your flirting such as innocently touching her forearm when talking to her will give you a leg up.

Just like having a flirty personality, you also need to have a fun loving personality. By displaying this fun characteristic, you are in effect telling her that being with you will be fun and will have many fun fill activities with you. This is because most guys are all tensed up and nervous when talking to girls for the first time and especially to the girls they like. Women find that very boring and when they see someone that can be fun, such as yourself, they are magnetically drawn to you. So have fun and enjoy yourself when you are in the company of girls.

Just imagine what goes on in woman’s head when some “nice guy”, who is all tensed up and talk serious things with her? Yes, that’s right, “boooooring!” So the simple trick to get women interested in you is to get them to notice you and then flirt a little while having fun with them and pretty soon, you will become a natural chick magnet.
Sabung Ayam
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