How To Make Your Ex Boyfriend Crazy In Love With You – This Will Make Him Want You Forever

Your boyfriend broke up with you, but you are still madly in love with him and you are wondering how to make him madly in love with you. The good news is, you can do it, but not in the way you might think. Chasing him and telling him you can’t live without him will push him farther away. But, this will make him want you forever.

When the man you love tells you it is over, you are apt to panic and do things you never would do if you were thinking clearly. That is why you have to take some time to get a grip on your emotions. This is commonly known as the no contact rule, and it can work like magic. The problem will be having the strength and discipline to follow this effective tactic.

You cannot have any contact with your ex boyfriend for at least a month. That means no phone calls, emails or text messages. You must ignore him completely and move on with your life. The reason the no contact rule works so well is it serves as a cooling off period. You have time to get yourself under control and your ex has time to begin missing you.

If you want your ex boyfriend to fall madly in love with you again, he will have to miss you. As long as you are constantly around, reminding of the reason for the breakup, he cannot possibly miss you. It would be best if you could take a mini vacation and drop completely out of sight. While you are gone, get a new hair style, manicure and a tan. Then go shopping for new clothes to accent your new look.

When you get back from your trip, you should be in much better spirits and your ex boyfriend will be wondering what happened to you. He will also realize that he misses you. This would be a good time to show him the lovely woman he broke up with. Get some friends together and go out to have some fun. Stop by the place your ex hangs out and flirt with some guys, but ignore your ex boyfriend and then leave.

Your ex boyfriend will realize he is still crazy in love with you and he will start calling you. Don’t take his calls or answer his emails or text messages. Show him you are still the strong independent woman he fell in love with. He will find a way to catch up with you and having the time to see what you mean to his life will make him want you forever.