How to NOT Have Friends on Facebook

Have you ever been updating your Facebook status when out of nowhere a person pops on with a private IM that reads “Join my organization XYZ, check out this web site for more information”?

I am quite certain you are going to comprehend where I am going with this.

There are a lot factors people are carrying out on Facebook, that are critically destroying their brand, image, and in the finish, their enterprise. At times though it seems like the correct factor to do at the time. I can see you happen to be truly stoked to show other people your business and you want to get the word out there, I get it, I’ve been there. It’s acceptable though, maybe no a single has taken the time to explain to you what NOT to do on Facebook… Until Now!

Facebook rocks, and it really is a initial-price way to market your Multilevel marketing, you just have to do it passively and infrequently. Facebook is completely about constructing friendships, maintaining your status’s updated, building self-confidence, and the most influential issue… relationships.

So let’s get began….

1) Initial Impressions

Every person knows this social site is known as Facebook, so how come you are hiding behind some business logo, or anything that’s not YOU?

I never see any person as getting genuine when I see a photo of a business, or some cartoon character. If you are requesting to be my friend, I want to know what you look like.
My Proposal For You:
– Place a picture of your self, it does not have to be all fancy and professional, just have it be natural and be YOU.

two) Pitching Me on a Friend Invite

Like I mentioned in the opening about pitching me your business prior to I know you. We have ZERO rapport. I don’t know who you are. I’ve by no signifies met you. Why is it that the initial issue you’re undertaking is pitching me your company?

You have to treat Facebook like true life. You wouldn’t go to a celebration and meet somebody for the very first time and show them your flip chart and do a presentation right there for them would you? Then why are you doing this on the web?

I automatically decline any individual asking to be my pal with a company pitch in the instant message.

My Thought For You:

Even though accepting someone as a pal, write something personal such as, Hey Tom, fantastic to connect with you on Facebook, you appear like a fantastic particular person and I am searching forward to networking with you and learning a lot more about you.

Set yourself out from the crowd! Just about absolutely everyone else is pitching their organization.

3) Pitching Your Company on My Profile

This is shoddier than number two!

It actually shows you are an amateur and it is not specialist at all.

When I accept a pal request and the subsequent factor they do is post on my wall their organization, I give them a word of warning that if it happens again they will be deleted from my list.

Yet once again, we need to believe of this like accurate life. I do not just meet somebody and pitch my Mlm to them I would drop out on meeting very good pals if I did that! So if you don’t do this in genuine life, why are you doing it on Facebook?

My Concept For You:

Ahead of even writing on their wall, verify out their photographs, go check out their information and see what they like. They might have one thing in widespread with you. They may well love to snowboard, so write on their wall Hey Cindy, fantastic to meet you. I see you love to snowboard as effectively… I look forward to receiving to know more about you.

You are going to get a opportunity for a far better response and now you stand out from the crowd.