How to Not Just Survive But Thrive as a Solo Entrepreneur

If you can make a success out of it, nothing beats being a solo entrepreneur. It’s the ideal situation in which you work for nobody and your income is up to you. The usual hassles of a day job, such as employees and bosses, are things you don’t have to think about.

A business owner with a larger operation might hire a manager to avoid many of the unpleasant aspects of work. But you’ll still need to deal with the managers and they certainly are not all created equal. There are trade-offs and compromises with being solo in business. But you’ll encounter that regardless of what you do in business and life.

It’s important to be able to take real action if you want to grow your business. Each and every action, do not forget, is born out of just one thought on which you decide to act. Most people tend to dream and they do it with small and large thoughts. The real test of your mettle comes with that first decision to do something about your dreams. This is all about thinking big instead of small so that you can get organized and create a goal for yourself. Once your goal is in place, figure out each step you can take so that you will be able to work toward the goal on which you have decided.

There are many successful habits of the solo entrepreneur that mirror those of successful business people. An entrepreneur has to be constantly on the lookout for new tools, resources and ideas on how to improve his or her business. You want to keep learning, but you also have to take action consistently. Make sure that the information you receive is up to date, as business changes rapidly nowadays.

Common advice to IM marketers and soloists is to pick something you really like, or even love, and work with it. Many internet marketers have heard this, but most don’t follow it. In fact, many marketers try to sell many different types of products at once, even ones they know nothing about. It’s hard to pretend that you’re excited about something when you’re completely indifferent to it, though.
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