How to Pick-Up Girls Anywhere – Strategies to Become More Attractive to Women

A man who has the power to pick-up girls anywhere must be a god — heck, we’d kill to know his strategies. However, knowing how to pick-up girls anywhere is now a super power, it’s a skill, and the best news is, it can be learned. Now before you start jumping up and down, the tips and tricks would all be useless if you can’t start with yourself — the skill to start picking-up girls begins with having the right attitude, my man so as long you don’t have, you won’t get it. Take time to consider. Once you did, we’re now on to start your journey on how to pick-up girls anywhere — what more can you ask for?

Make a move. You don’t have to act as if you’ve been picking up women since the dawn of time and be totally smooth and boastful about it — that would make you come off as a jerk or a show-off — and girls aren’t really into guys who can’t seem to get over themselves. That goes to saying as not hesitantly approaching a girl and talking to her like a high school kid asking where the bathroom is. Just stand up, walk over and say hi. She will be impressed with your guts.
Always be prepared for battle. Before going out of your apartment (even early in the morning) try to be as fresh and be in a good mood. Heading out means an opportunity to meet and pick up girls anywhere and it pays if you’re prepared — meaning, you’ve showered, brushed your teeth, dressed your best and smelling and feeling good about yourself. We’re no promoting vanity here — but if you want to be attractive to girls, you better do some effort to make it happen.
Get a few lines ready. Well, sure, pick-up lines don’t really work anywhere but it sure does help if you have a few rehearsed lines that may come in handy sometimes. Make sure they’re good for openers or something to kill the silence — women can detect if you’ve practiced or not and you would totally come off as someone totally desperate for company. Act normal, be yourself and get rid of the jitters — and of course, have fun flirting!
Let spontaneity work its magic. One thing that really messes everything up is when we guys start to get stressed on what to say to girls — we either get a little tongue-tied, totally stuttering and downright making a fool of ourselves. Relax — she’s not going to eat you. Act like yourself and just let go — winging it would be more like it. The more you feel at ease or comfortable with yourself, the better chance your conversation will go smoothly.

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