How to Plan a Family Overseas Vacation

Traveling out of the country with your family can be challenging, especially if you have smaller children. This is not the type of vacation that you can plan for overnight and then pick up and go, but it is something that can work out with a bit of forethought and detailed planning.

Take Stock

The first step is always to determine who is going on this trip, and what their special needs are when away from home. For example, if you are traveling with your small family of four you may have a baby who needs a crib to sleep in each night or a teenager who is petrified of the water. You have to consider each of the special needs for all family members going on the trip. Use this information to determine the best location for your family vacation.

For example, if you know you want to visit Bali but have a small child who needs a safe and quiet environment, you might choose to rent villa in Bali rather than staying in a hotel. The villa will be more expensive, but it will give you a more prestigious location that should be quiet and safe for the entire family.

Plan Activities

Before you determine the exact location for your family vacation, explore the different activities that could be enjoyed in each potential location. Try to pick a location that offers entertainment and fun for every member of the family. If there could be even one member of the family unhappy, left out or bored on the vacation, then that destination is not best for your family at this time. Some places are simply more family-friendly than others, and many are only family-friendly if you select the right accommodations.

You may need to book tickets or reservations for certain activities ahead of time, so keep that in mind as you plan out your trip. Try to plan out and reserve your tickets to as many entertainment options as possible, so family members have things to look forward to while preparing for this family vacation.

Pay attention to where different activities are located as well. You don’t want to pay for tickets to events only to find that they are very far from your hotel or villa. For example, if you have arranged for a Bali luxury accommodation in southern Bali, you might not want to book a lot of activities that are in the northern regions.

Budget Accordingly

Finally, make sure you are tracking the expected expense for this family vacation as you make plans. It is always best to overestimate the expenses than to underestimate. Accommodations and travel has to come first, but don’t forget to give a reasonable estimate for food, shopping, and local travel through the destination of your choice. You don’t want to overextend yourself and come home in financial trouble.

For example, if you choose to rent villa in Bali or go with another Bali luxury accommodation, you can expect it to cost more than a cheap motel room in Bali. You get a lot for the extra expense, but you cannot underestimate what your total trip is going to cost.
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