How To Print From Your Apple Ipad

The interest by newspaper and magazine publishers, as well as a number of select UK online retailers to use the iPad for direct download of website pages, is likely to mean that many iPad owners are likely to also want to print a photo, web page or an email. Although the present iPad does not feature a printing option, it is possible, of course to download a third-party app which enables some printing to a networked printer.

The most straightforward method, according to Apple, is to simply sync your documents through to your Mac or PC for Mac/PC printing. However there are other possible options, by utilising third party iPad printing apps to other printer brands, for example HP, Canon Wi-Fi, as well as Lexmark printers. The use of either OEM branded printer cartridges or compatible toner/inkjet cartridges remains the same as in previous routine printing.

There are three basic types of iPad printing apps:

Direct Wi-Fi-enabled printers.

Easy Photo-Print for iPhone : although prints directly to a WiFi-enabled Canon printer, it only prints photos and screenshots saved to a photo gallery and no other type of document, due to the iPhone app being enlarged to fit the bigger iPad screen.

HP iPrint Photo : can also locate a Mac and print to a networked shared Laserjet printer and a further app called ePrint will also print to a Mac-shared Lexmark laser printer.

Sharing printers.

Air Sharing HD : although searches a Wi-Fi network for Macs only and not Windows PCs, its probably the best app for general-purpose printing with shared printers. Despite being unable to access local files on an iPad, a document can also be self- emailed on iPad and be opened in Air Sharing HD and printed to shared Lexmark and Epson printers.

However, Air Sharing HD tends to print Word and Pages documents which exclude the margin and can also depict a Word document looking low-res like a screenshot.

ePrint : works some shared printers, e.g. Lexmark laser printer.

Documentz Pro : it is necessary to either first download files with a mystifyingly complex interface, or upload them from a PC Web browser that can shorten longer files.

Background Server With Mac or PC.

Often apps are unable to directly talk to printers but instead talk to a server that has to be run in the background on a Mac or PC, and then connected to attached printers.

When time is urgent, it may be simply quicker and easier to e-mail or upload a document to where a PC can access it, and then just use the PC to activate the printing process.