How to Quickly Spot Profitable E-Book Marketing Opportunities

In order to make money fast from your e-book marketing campaigns, you need to monitor what other marketers are doing on the Internet. Most importantly, you need a strategy for generating traffic to your e-books sales page that doesn’t require spending all your money.

Get started by creating a profile on Then add a list of all the blogs related to the subject of your e-book to your favorites folder after you’ve created your account.

With this strategy, you can quickly scan the post titles when new content is published on your favorite blogs. If a blog post is about a challenge, further research the subject and the blog to see if it would be worth your time to contact the owner for a marketing partnership.

Why challenges you ask? 

Any type of time sensitive challenge that involves people to take immediate action generates a large amount of attention and excitement. 

In fact, challenges with a prize or bonus will produce traffic for months and sometimes even years down the road. A few good examples you can look at can be found right here on

* 30 Days 30 Articles Challenge – Views 4,087

* 100 Articles in 100 Days Marathon Challenge – Views 3,422

As you can see, receives more traffic from one blog post than most people receive in a whole month. Therefore, it makes perfect since to team up with these bloggers.

The key is to spot a challenge that relates to the subject of your e-book. Then you simply contact the blog owner via e-mail or other forms of online communication and ask them if they would be interested in marketing your e-book to their audience.

A great example of this type of ebook marketing strategy is posted on Darren Rowse recently launched the challenge below.

*30 Days to Build a Better Blog Challenge

In addition to the challenge, Darren published a feature post advertising Yaro Starak’s Membership Site Coaching Program. Both marketers will benefit as the topic adds value to the blog visitors who are interested in expanding their services to make more money.