How to Secure a USB Flash Drive

The need of securing data either on a PC, laptop or on external storage devices has now become more of a necessity than a choice. You might have heard the headlines on the news that companies have lost their important data and project details or the CD or USB drive is left somewhere or stolen resulting in severe consequences like losing a job, I am sure you wouldn’t like to face such a scenario. So, what security measure must be taken to prevent data misuse? Since we carry these small-sized storage devices to numerous locations, there is a fairly good chance that we will eventually lose them.

Losing a flash drive or pen drive is almost inescapable, and when it happens most of us simply hope that there is nothing sensitive on the drive. But would it be such a worry if the data on the storage device was secure? All these facts ending up people considering just how secure their data is that they carry in portable devices?

Consider all the options to secure data on USB flash drive so that even if you lose them, you will be sure that your data cannot be misused. Security measures are available from secure partitions to encryption options including different software providing numerous options for data protection and security. You can choose one depending on your need and feasibility.

One of the best ways to secure data is password protecting them, so whenever anyone tries to access it, he/she will have to provide correct password to view. There are some software available in the market that helps you password protecting your PC and as well as USB flash drive or even all other portable storage media. Some of the software can only be installed on PC while others can be installed directly on your USB flash drive or external storage media like pen drive, thumb drive, memory sticks and jump drives, for example; USB Secure that install on your USB drive or any other external device and offer unbreakable password protection.

Conduct a research on different software and compare their features and benefits to evaluate which one fulfills your need. Remember, although your USB flash drive is small enough, but it carries most important data that you will not want to lose at any cost.