How to Select Products For Your E-Book Business Funnel

When you are building your eBook business funnel do you want to have an inventory of unrelated products? Absolutely not! That is an inventory, not a funnel. The purpose of a funnel is to use it to lead your customers through your marketing process so that they slowly begin to build trust and a relationship with you and your business.

The end goal with everything that you do marketing wise, whether sending out emails, pay per click advertising, social marketing, etc, should focus on moving more customers through your funnel. Like a physical funnel, it gets smaller and smaller as you go through. This is why you want to have a number of lower priced, lower commitment products at the entry point of your funnel. Your higher priced products should be in the middle and your highest price; highest customized products should be at the end.

Keep in mind you can sell one product in a variety of formats for your online business opportunities. For example, the book I sell is in the format of a $ 15 physical book, a $ 10 electronic book and a $ 25 audio book. I wrote the book one time and then created three separate packages for it and they all sell well.

This is exactly why you need to include a newsletter as a part of your eBook business funnel. Your newsletter is often the only way you can move more people through the funnel. It allows you to build the trust and likeability factor that is so necessary to make more deeper funnel sales and show that you are a legitimate home business.

Finally, the funnel allows me to communicate my ultimate message. My ultimate message is the proclamation of Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior! By helping families start businesses that God can bless, I believe that I am offering a valuable service to people. If I can make money doing it as well, that is an even greater blessing!