How To Sell More And More To Your Online Customers With Emotional Emails

Here is the good news.

There is the interesting phenomenon that occurs as a result of giving an “emotional” experience in your emails or sales page process:

As soon as you have successfully engaged your prospects’ emotions, and your prospects as a result bought your products or services, more often than not the satisfaction and high they experience after they buy has very little to do with the product or service they purchased.

The satisfaction factor persists even if buyers never use the product or service! Mind you, this feeling does not happen In most buying situations.

You know that countless people who have purchased products from “emotion-driven” infomercials and end up being sorry and sick about their buys.

The satisfaction phenomenon happens only when you have skilfully provide your buyers with an unforgettable emotional experience and, more importantly, you have succeeded in getting your customers to like you.

Emotionally satisfied customers are also likely to avoid or underestimate the faults of your product or service. Naturally, there is also the possibility of buyer’s remorse once after the customer climbs down from his emotional high, but usually, buyers remember the emotional experience that made them to buy in the first place, and that effect remains in place once they own or use the product or service.

Now you know that when you actively engaged your prospect’s imagination correctly, it will eclipses the instant gratification they could get from actually having your product or service.

When internet marketers speak of adding value to their offers to make them “irresistible” you might think they are appealing to your prospect’s logical mind, which knows a good deal when it sees one.

Overall, when you cut the matter a bit further, the attractiveness of anything you offer for sale still boils down to how you make your prospects heart skip a bit.

Again, it is the emotional coaster-ride experience that you are really selling, and an “irresistible value-added offer” is only an offshoot of the emotion you have carefully and successfully stimulated.

Lesson learned here:

“An extraordinary product without emotionally engaging emails or sales page may only have a slim chance of selling well on the internet, while an ordinary product with emotionally engaging emails and sales page can definitely sell incredibly well without a doubt.”


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