How to Sell Things on eBay – One Hot Tip That Teaches You How to Sell Things on eBay

I’m going to try and break down how to sell things on eBay into a short and concise analogy that will help you sell whatever it is that you want to sell.

Imagine if a giant retail company was selling the item, how would they sell it?

Let’s say you’re going to sell a computer. Let us say that you are going to sell an HP Laptop that is designed for mobility. That’s a pretty specific product, so now let’s go into how to sell it on eBay.

First of all, who would buy this? Somebody who is traveling a lot maybe? Or just somebody who wants a nice small handy computer that isn’t bulky.

So here’s how to sell things on eBay using this example:

We need to highlight the benefits. We need to show people why they should buy it. Why should they buy this HP laptop? What kind of problems is it going to fix for them?

Better yet, what is THIS laptop going to do that others will NOT?

Because if you don’t TELL THEM that they should BUY YOUR PRODUCT then they will simply keep searching until somebody tells them what they need to hear.

So here is a short off-the-top-of-my-head list that you can use to sell this laptop:

1) It’s nice and small. Wow, you can travel with it completely easily! There’s no hassle. No plugs to unplug, no mouse to bring, you can just bring it AS IS
2) It even comes with a nice case that you can pack up in 30 seconds. Awesome. Mobility is king!
3) It’s fast and doesn’t freeze! Well, that obviously depends on what you put on it, but you can’t find a more reliable brand than HP, and it comes with some crazy fast processing speed and memory
4) Supply the details. Exactly how fast is it? What comes with it? How much ram does it have?
5) The battery life lasts long, so you can have your laptop available more than the other brands! Whether you’re watching a movie on a plane flight from NY to London, or just from Chicago to Washington, you can take confidence in knowing that you computer will be along for the trip with you!

Do you see how you paint that picture in front of them? Easy cheesy!

That’s exactly how to sell things on eBay. You highlight the benefits, compare it to competitors (beat them,) and your customers will come with open arms. The main key here is you HAVE to give your customers what they WANT. You HAVE to solve their problems or they WILL NOT BUY.

After all, if you had a cut on your hand, would you buy a band-aid or a tennis racket? I think my point is proven! Give them what they NEED.

If they DO NOT know what they need, then it is your responsibility for TELLING THEM, and THEN giving it to them.

So you can say

Hey buddy, you have a cut on your arm (takes out band-aid), with one of these you can fix it in no time!

Wouldn’t that work in real life? Definitely!

It works the same here

Hey buddy, you need a laptop for all that traveling! But you need a small one, so that it isn’t bulky and doesn’t slow you down. Then you can be online from anywhere! Check this one out! It’s the newest and best one out there!

Bam, sale!

That’s how the best do it, I’m just following suit, and so should you!

Have fun =)