How to Stop Excessive Sweating in One Week Without Drugs and Surgery

What could be more annoying than to sweat even in a cool day? If you are among those 2-3% of the world population that suffer from excessive sweating, don’t feel desperate. You’re not alone and the good news is, there are natural cures to stop sweating excessively.

Here are some of the things that you can adopt into your daily lifestyle today and see the difference. They are proven ways to stop excessive sweating while the results may vary from person to person and depends on the severity of the problem.

Increase your water intake. While a lot of people might have contrary opinion on this, it’s true that taking more water everyday will help to reduce your sweating problem. You see, our body keeps an approximate balance of 2/3 of water to maintain all bodily functions (transportation of nutrients and oxygen, remove wastes and control body temperature). Therefore, if you body was running low in water, your body temperature will increase and naturally resulted in excessive sweating. On the other hand, simply maintaining a good balance of water in our body can help to stop sweating excessively.

Do regular exercise. Again, people would generally have different opinion on this one. In a layman term, exercise allows proper blood circulation which also means better metabolism that will allow more efficient temperature control and eventually helps you to stop excessive sweating too. You know, spare about 15 minutes a day to give your body to sweat at the right time and avoid sweating too much during other hours of the day is well worth it.

Take more minerals and vitamins. Okay, this is going to sound academic but fact is fact. And the type of mineral that you’ll need to focus is magnesium as it plays an important role in our immune system and to detoxify the body. The same with vitamin B complex that helps proper metabolism and maintaining the nervous system. So, don’t forget to include these into your daily diet as they all helps to stop excessive sweating.