How To Take Full Advantage Of Ezine Advertising!

If you are just starting your online business then ezine advertising could be the most cost effective way of beginning your marketing campaign.


It makes it easier to reach targeted prospects.

It gets results fast.

It gives you the opportunity to test the effectiveness of your ads.

It allows you to calculate your return on investment.

Before advertising in an ezine it is important to know what kind of subscribers they target, the content and what is the number of ads per ezine. There are many ezines available so make sure you focus on the ones that relate to your topic and thus bring more interested visitors to your website.

While an ezine that has a ton of subscribers may look attractive, I suggest that you check out smaller, highly targeted ezines and test your ads in those. You will get more bang for your buck!

Look for ezines with smaller subscriber lists, since they usually have more detailed, informative content and do not have to many ads per issue. This means that your ads have a much better chance of being read. If your ads are relevant to the content of the ezine then your click through rates could be very high.

Tracking your ezine ads will help you determine which ones are driving traffic to your website. You can save thousands of dollars by only using successful ads. So do yourself a favor and track your ezine ads and know what ads are working for your business.

If you have your own domain then you can track every ad by using a specific redirect link that is only used for that particular ad. Or you could add a question mark at the end of the url and check for that on your websites statistics listing. Check with your hosting company to find out how to access your websites statistics log.

Writing ads that focus on what you offer are much better then ads with a bunch of hype and false promises. The ads should focus on the end result only!

Most ezines allow about 5 to 7 lines of text with 65 characters on each line for an ad, so keep your ads short. Remember to generate interest with your ads and once you capture a lead then do the selling! Use your ads to direct subscribers to your webpage.

Using compelling headlines for your ads will help them pull, just remember to research what is already being advertised in the ezine so you do not waste your time or money by posting a repeat ad.

What is the difference between a simple classified ad and solo or top sponsor ads?

1. Classified Ads can cost between 5 to 25 dollars and they tend to run faster. One issue of an ezine could have 10 to 20 classified ads that are usually grouped in the middle or end of the issue. What you may not know is that classified sections in an ezine are often times just scanned by the reader and thus are not
very effective. Some ezines do offer free classified ads in exchange for a subscription.

2. Sponsor Ads are more expensive then classified ads but can be more effective. The ezines only have about 2 to 3 ads per issue and they are are spaced out in the ezine between the content or are at the top of the issue.

3. Solo Ads do get the most exposure, but they are the most expensive of the three since they are mailed out separate from the ezine to the subscribers.

Starting with classified ads may be a good idea, since you can get them for free. You can then track your ads and determine which ones are pulling before you spend more money on solo and sponsor ads. Determining the effectiveness of your ads through testing is extremely important when advertising with ezines.

One tidbit of advice is to run your ads more then once per ezine. Alot of people are running one ad one time and if it does not pull then they switch ezines and run the same ad again. Try running the ad at least twice, even if there are no results the first time.

This will give your ad more exposure and readers will take notice and think that other subscribers like it. Your ad will get more attention. Then, instead of moving on to another ezine, switch ads. Then run that ad twice. If you do this with all your ads you may be surprised at the profits you can get for one ad and not another. This will allow you to get more results from each and every ezine that you advertise with.

Advertising with ezines can be profitable but it takes time to test, track and place your ads. If you can just find 4 to 8 profitable ezines then your business will grow!

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