How to Take Swine Flu Precautions – Take These Precautions to the Bank

With everything we are being told in the media about taking swine flu precautions I figured people must be wondering what precautions to take and will any of them work. “One thing” I have learned in my almost 40 years is that when the T.V. news says not to panic it’s time to get ready for something. In the spirit of getting ready for “something” I did a little research and you may be interested in what I found.

Here are some Swine Flu precautions that have proven effective:

Wash your hands often. This is the first and best line of defense against contagious diseases. According to the C.D.C. (Center for Disease Control) the human hands come in contact with countless germs and bacteria throughout the day. Keeping your hands sanitized and germ free is your top priority. If anti-bacterial soap is not available carry alcohol based hand sanitizer with you everywhere. It’s less than a dollar and could save your life.
Talk to your children about the Flu and Swine Flu in particular. Teach your kids to keep their hands clean. Children are the people you will encounter that are most likely to be infected and spreading the virus. The reason for that is poor hygiene and careless behavior. Kids seldom cough into their sleeves or avoid other children that are showing symptoms. Careless behavior in flu season can kill and kids need to made aware without frightening them.
Think about getting vaccinated. Vaccinations are the best defense against the Flu and a new formula designed for H1N1 is being tested. It’s not a guarantee you won’t get sick with Swine Flu but every preventive step you take lowers the odds.
Don’t panic. The media says don’t panic and they’re right but not for the reasons they are selling. The government is not prepared to deal with a pandemic and won’t if it reaches that level. Not by curing us anyway. We can however, each of us help stop disease from reaching pandemic proportions with a little preventive planning.