How To Tell Your Date That He Has Bad Breath

There is a saying that goes; “Sometimes we have to cruel in order to be kind.” How in the world is this possible? How can you be kind when you are cruel? Well, this is true in terms of telling the truth even if it will hurt the other person. This is particularly true when it comes to the issue of bad breath.

There is really no easy way to tell anybody that his breath actually stinks. And it would be even more worse when if it is your date, who ultimately plans on kissing you after tour date, who is reeking with this not-so-good-smell. Yes, unfortunately, halitosis can come between any two individual. So, how do you go about and tell the bad news?

Any way you look at it, there is no other option but to tell it straight and directly. After all, would you want to put your lips upon someone’s lips whose breath is so offensive that he should stand back millions of spaces, if not totally scram altogether? How do go about and tell this, now?

There are actually two ways of doing it: one is a nice way and the other one is a mean way. If you really care enough about this date that you still would like to spend some more time with him, you have to be as sensitive and as careful as possible. Definitely, the last thing you would do is to hurt his feeling, right. But then you have to be the one to tell him just in case he isn’t aware of the fact.

One easy way is to take with you, if you cannot bring it up on him to do it by himself, a pack of gum or mints during your date. When you are comfortable with each other, offer him a piece. When he declines, because he might be too shy to accept anything from you, tell him how you love minty smelling breaths. And if it happens that he became confused why you have to tell him a sort of thing like that, take it as your cue and open up the subject to him.

If you have been going out for quite some time now, and you have developed a closed relationship with him already, you will find it normal to start this very delicate topic. You just have to open it up in a way that he will not feel that you are insulting or criticizing him, since this will really embarrass him. You can also try asking him a reverse question like, what would he do if the woman he is fond of dating has a stinky breath. This would give him a subtle idea, and you can start going for it.

The mean style would be to directly tell him that his breath sucks and that you couldn’t last any more minute with him. That is, if you really feel that way. So this option will be just for the worst scenario.

However, if the subject becomes really sensitive for him, the issue on halitosis can be a potential reason for the upcoming relationship to fall apart. Then if after telling him the truth and he took it rather negatively, it would only goes to show that there is really no potential relationship between the two of you.

Always look at the bright side. If you date, the one you really like, cannot positively handle being told that he has a problem breath, then you won’t have to bear the consequences of dealing with his attitude, and his worst breath, anyway. Move on, walk away and do not look back. There will always be someone there who will be open-minded about things. Nevertheless, do not hope for another case like this!