How To Treat A Woman On A Date?

A guy should always be aware that the most important thing for a woman is to feel special on her first date. All that a woman wants is to be pampered and be treated like a princess! For this the guy should know the basics on how to treat a woman on the first date. Loving is very easy but it’s really hard to express it to your partner in that perfectly perfect manner. The starting point of any relationship is when you both start enjoying each other’s company.

So go ahead and make your date a successful one by the following tips-

Make sure you contact her every single day. A woman doesn’t like game players. If you think you can show your importance by not getting in touch with her then you are wrong. It doesn’t mean you have to call her up each day and talk to her for hours. Maintain equilibrium by sending her texts on some days before the “D” day. This will make her feel that you are looking forward to meeting her.

Be punctual. You definitely need to be on time on your first date even if she is not. Just try and deal with the fact that she might be putting that extra bit of effort to get ready especially for you.

Pick her up from her place on your date. This is the least you can do for her.

Be courteous and open the car door for her. Showing good mannerisms will definitely help you earn extra points from her. This can also include helping her with petite things like putting her coat on and more. Also try and open the door for her while entering and leaving an establishment or when she enters your house and pull a chair for her in the restaurant.

You place the order. Ask her what she would like to have and place an order when the waiter comes. Once you finish ordering make sure you ask her if she wants anything else. This will show her your considerate nature and give her a chance to rectify in case you’ve made a mistake.

Pay for dinner. If she insists on sharing the bill then its fine but try and make an attempt to leave that great impression on her!

While dropping her back home, make sure you don’t drive off until she’s safely inside. Make her feel that you care. To make her realize that she is dealing with a man and not a boy it’s imperative for you to show how responsible and chivalrous you are.

Be attentive to her needs. Keep an eye on all the basic requirements and this protective nature can definitely take you a long way in your relationship. SABUNG AYAM