How to Use Your E-mail to Promote Your E-book For Your Realtor Mentor Program

You wrote an e-book for realtors on how to increase their income, reduce their hours, systematize their work, or somehow improve their lives, but how do you get it read? One of the first things people want to do is e-mail it to everyone they know. That is OK if you actually know them. Don’t send an unexpected e-mail attachment to someone you don’t personally know even if they are on your e-mail list. First of all they will likely ignore it. I mean, you tell me is there anything you can think of to do with your time other than read some random e-book that landed in your inbox (probably about fifty)? Not to mention with all the nasty viruses floating around if they wanted to open it they may be scared to so just don’t send you e-book as an attachment to every Tom, Dick and Harry you know, it will back fire on you.

So if you can’t e-mail it, how do you get it out there? Now you are asking some good questions. First of all, upload it to your website on it’s own page, and then if you have an existing e-mail list that you have permission to mail to, then send them an e-mail with some seriously captivating reasons why they should immediately drop what they are doing and read it. That reason should not be, “I just wrote an e-book and would love for you to read it.” That is ASKING for a favor, you want to DO them a favor. Something like this would be more appropriate.

“I have discovered five little known secrets to earning a top Realtor income with half the experience and half the hours at the grind every week, and I’m willing to share them with you for free because I know once you see the benefits of applying these techniques to your Realtor business you will want to see more of what I have to offer. Check out the book and take a few minutes to learn how you can increase your Realtor income and spend more time with your family (and on the golf course). But don’t stall, the free tools will only be available until such and such a date.”

The message above is brief but it gives them specific reasons to read your e-book and not to delay and risk forgetting. If you follow up this message with reminders and small tidbits from the book to give them a piece of the content and entice them to click the link to read more you will get significantly higher conversion rates.