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A motorcyclist participating in a weekend event remained in crucial condition Sunday after becoming struck by a truck Saturday.
James Ruma, 32, of De Soto, was amongst the huge packs of motorcycle riders who took to location roads more than the weekend as element of an annual occasion in St. Charles County referred to as Ride of the Century.
The occasion prompted hundreds of complaints to regional police from folks calling to report the riders performing stunts such as wheelies and standing up on their bikes on area roadways.
The cyclists, most on Japanese sport bikes, were en route to a gathering Saturday held at the Big St. Charles Motorsports dealership in St. Charles.
At 2:50 p.m. Saturday, Ruma was driving westbound on Interstate 270 east of Halls Ferry Road when he stopped his bike on the side of the highway and attempted to retrieve a backpack on the highway, according to a traffic crash report by the Missouri Highway Patrol.
Ruma was struck by a 1999 Ford F350 pickup truck, according to the report. The driver of the truck had minor injuries. Ruma was taken to Barnes-Jewish Hospital by helicopter.
James Ruma’s brother, Brock Ruma, mentioned Sunday that James suffered serious trauma to the reduce half of his body and a ruptured artery in his right leg. James Ruma suffered a number of fractures and was below sedation. “He’s fighting,” Brock Ruma said of his brother’s situation. James Ruma, a mechanic, is married and has a daughter.
Cpl. Jeff Wilson of the Highway Patrol said a handful of motorcyclists soon after the accident have been given citations for non-moving violations involving registration or expired drivers licenses. Wilson mentioned he could not confirm the number of motorcyclists who were riding with Ruma when the accident occurred.
A St. Louis-primarily based group of stunt riders called the Streetfighterz founded the annual Ride of the Century event in 2002, which attracts riders from across the country. Images from the event posted on a Facebook page this weekend show some riders wearing T-shirts and sweatshirts saying, “We came to stunt.”
“We had a lot of individuals calling about them performing tricks and stunts,” stated St. Louis County police dispatcher Scott Hogberg. Despite drawing the ire of other motorists, handful of, if any, tickets had been issued against the cyclists for moving violations. “We had no genuine issues,” Hogberg mentioned.
A number of regional police departments received calls from motorists with complaints about the motorcyclists driving erratically and blocking traffic.
Frontenac police Sgt. Craig Picha mentioned his division sent squad cars to Highway 40 (Interstate 64) Saturday afternoon following getting complaints from motorists.
“Anytime you have a large group like this, you are going to get a lot of calls,” Picha mentioned.
Picha described the motorcyclists as “orderly” whilst they traveled westbound on Highway 40 via Frontenac’s city limits. “We went to show a presence and had no tickets or summons,” he mentioned.
The St. Charles County Sheriff’s Department also had no arrests or other make contact with with the motorcyclists over the weekend, dispatcher Jani Albright said Sunday.
Albright stated the department was not contacted by the motorcycle group about the event and did not offer any street or crowd handle assistance. “We do not have that type of manpower,” she stated.